The Pirates Lied About A Prospect Who Got Hurt During Some Team-Sanctioned Military-Type Exercises

When details got out about the Pittsburgh Pirates putting prospects at their fall instructional league through Navy SEALs-type training last month, it was easy to point and laugh. That pointing and laughing was made even easier because, around the same time the SEALs regimen was being reported, an email leaked in… »10/24/12 4:35pm10/24/12 4:35pm


"Dream Like A Hippie ... Prepare Like A Boy Scout ... Trust Like A Hell's Angel": What The Fuck Is The Pirates' Assistant GM Talking About?

Last week, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Dejan Kovacevic discovered that the Pirates were opening their fall instructional league with three days of players being "put through drills by a group of former Navy SEALS." It was the idea of assistant general manager Kyle Stark, who told Kovacevic he wanted "to give… »9/21/12 11:40am9/21/12 11:40am