Why The Giants Targeted A Player Prone To Concussions

The day after a conference championship game, there is an avalanche of coverage, usually sticking to the main storylines. But other than this New York Magazine story, it's odd that no one had made much of a fuss over two Giants saying they specifically targeted Kyle Williams because he had a history of concussions.… » 1/23/12 9:30pm 1/23/12 9:30pm

The Giants Went After Kyle Williams Because He Had A History Of…

On NYMag.com, the splendid Ben Wallace-Wells takes a look at fumblin' Kyle Williams and the Giants' strategy. "They'd targeted Williams for extra violence because they knew he had suffered several concussions in the past, and they think it worked." [NYMag] » 1/23/12 8:50pm 1/23/12 8:50pm

Why We Scapegoat

Because Billy Cundiff exists, Ravens fans don't have to come to terms with the fact that one of the best rushing teams ceded the turf to one of the worst. Or that they could only turn three New England turnovers into six points. Or that their offensive line turned to soggy swiss cheese at the merest whiff of Vince… » 1/23/12 2:10pm 1/23/12 2:10pm