Kyrie Irving Made Timofey Mozgov's Job Very Easy

Cavs center Timofey Mozgov scored 17 points on 7-of-8 shooting while playing just 17 minutes in last night's rout of the Nets. That's an efficient-ass game! He's got Kyrie Irving, who set up five of those seven made buckets with some beautiful passing, to thank for it. » 3/19/15 10:52am 3/19/15 10:52am

Kyrie Irving Unleashes All Hell In The Perfect Meaningless Game

San Antonio isn't usually a place for mid-March NBA thrills. Oh, the latter-day Spurs remain perfectly capable of playing the sort of gyroscoping, pinball-passing game pretty enough to goose Red Auerbach's carcass from 6 to 12, but it's very a long season and a very old team and while you can usually count on them for… » 3/13/15 10:21am 3/13/15 10:21am

Kyrie Irving Hits Buzzer-Beating Three To Force Overtime

Down six with just over 30 seconds remaining, it looked like the Cavs were certain to take the L tonight in San Antonio. That's before Kyrie Irving hit a pair of three-pointers—one at the buzzer—to force overtime. » 3/13/15 12:36am 3/13/15 12:36am

Reggie Miller Is A Damned Moron, Part #72

It continues to astonish us how Turner—a company that gets nearly every aspect of NBA broadcasting perfect—continues to trot out known idiot Reggie Miller as its lead analyst. Reggie's lack of basic basketball knowledge emerged again tonight: » 2/15/15 11:14pm 2/15/15 11:14pm

Kyrie Irving Drops 55 Points, Hits Game-Winning Walk-Up Three

Maybe the Cavaliers are the pretty good team we all thought they would be and not actually doomed? Since LeBron James returned from his injury two weeks ago he has looked like the LeBron we knew—and not the broken down, maybe past his prime LeBron we'd seen previously this season—in leading the Cavs to a 7-1 record.… » 1/28/15 9:54pm 1/28/15 9:54pm

LeBron Moves Coach Blatt Aside To Attend To Grown Folks' Business

This is just David Blatt's existence now isn't it, suffering a long string of indignities and being treated more like a rookie player than a rookie coach? One day he is forced to clarify his comments after saying Kevin Love is not a max contract player, the next LeBron James is pushing him (likely to help prevent… » 1/13/15 11:59pm 1/13/15 11:59pm

LeBron James Is Out For Two Weeks, And It Only Gets Worse For The Cavs

LeBron James will miss the next two weeks with left knee and low back strains, the Cleveland Cavaliers announced today. James has not played in a game since turning 30 on Dec. 30. He aggravated the knee — which he says has been sore all year — jumping into the stands in Miami on Christmas. » 1/01/15 3:04pm 1/01/15 3:04pm

The Cavs' Outlet Passes Are A Damn Good Time

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in a nice little groove lately, following up that four-game losing streak in which they looked like a sluggish, boring basketball team with a 9-2 run. They kicked the crap out of the Charlotte Hornets last night, and even got around to playing some fun, free-wheeling basketball while… » 12/16/14 2:32pm 12/16/14 2:32pm

Kyrie Irving Helped To Locker Room After Injuring Leg

Kyrie Irving had to be helped to the locker room in the second quarter of tonight's game against the Thunder, after seemingly suffering a knee or leg injury. Irving jumped out to contest Russell Westbrook's shot, and his knee banged into Westbrook's, causing him to land quite awkwardly. There is no word on his… » 12/11/14 9:23pm 12/11/14 9:23pm

LeBron, Irving, Garnett, Others Wear "I Can't Breathe" T-Shirts

If you don't like serious cultural issues "intruding" into the sports world, it's going to be another tough week for you. The Cavaliers are playing against the Nets in Brooklyn tonight, and the Barclays Center has become a hub of protest against police brutality, especially the killing by a NYPD cop of Staten Island… » 12/08/14 9:40pm 12/08/14 9:40pm

It's So Fun To Watch Kyrie Irving Make People Look Dumb

Last night's nationally televised game between the Cavaliers and the Knicks was pretty stinky. 'Melo couldn't get a bucket, LeBron was still in "Hey, uh, what the hell is going on with LeBron?" mode, and the whole game had the feel of two middling Eastern conference teams blindly flailing at each other. But then… » 12/05/14 10:09am 12/05/14 10:09am

LeBron Calls Report About Discussion With Kyrie Irving "Very False"

Yesterday, ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that LeBron James and Kyrie Irving "exchanged words" after a blowout loss to the Blazers on Tuesday. After today's shootaround, LeBron told reporters that no such discussion occurred. » 11/07/14 5:39pm 11/07/14 5:39pm

Report: LeBron And Kyrie Irving Exchanged Words After Loss

The Cavaliers are off to sluggish start, sitting at 1-3 after dropping last night's game to Gordon Hayward and the Jazz. They lost Tuesday's game agains the Blazers by 19 points, and ESPN's Brian Windhorst is reporting that Kyrie Irving and LeBron James got into a "healthy" discussion after that game. » 11/06/14 2:24pm 11/06/14 2:24pm

Kyrie Irving And Kevin Love Had A Real Good Time At The Club In Brazil

The Cleveland Cavaliers are chilling in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil right now before they play an exhibition game Saturday against the Miami Heat. Last night, according to our tipster, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and others—whom we can't identify since they're not famous NBA players, and wouldn't want to for the same… » 10/10/14 5:33pm 10/10/14 5:33pm

Damian Lillard And Kyrie Irving Are Why NBA League Pass Exists

It's games like last night's heart-stopper between the Trailblazers and the Cavaliers that remind basketball fans just how spoiled they are. In an era that's blessed by the presence of megastars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, it's silly to think that there's a whole secondary tier of stars who have the ability… » 12/18/13 10:10am 12/18/13 10:10am

Here's Kyrie Irving's New Uncle Drew Commercial

Yeah, it's shameless commercialization, and no living person within 500 yards of a basketball court would fall for Kyrie Irving in Uncle Drew makeup at this point, but whatever—these things are still so fun. » 10/28/13 3:06pm 10/28/13 3:06pm

Byron Scott Says Cleveland Cavaliers Didn't Give Him A Fair Shake

On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired Byron Scott after three relatively miserable post-LeBron seasons. Scott was hired just before James took his talents to South Beach, and he was tasked with rebuilding a team that had just lost the best basketball player on the planet for virtually nothing in return. Over… » 4/20/13 4:25pm 4/20/13 4:25pm

It Looks Like Kyrie Irving Had Himself A Nice Christmas (As Did The Two…

Judging from the picture at the right, Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving had himself a pretty great Christmas. Irving tweeted the photo on Christmas day before deleting it and going into a totally inept mode of damage control: » 12/26/12 10:25am 12/26/12 10:25am