Fat Guy Lacrosse Goalie Buzzer-Beater Goal!

We don’t follow much lacrosse around here, so we’re not totally certain if this is a weird thing or not. But here’s girthy Albany goalie Blaze Riorden going coast to coast to beat the third quarter buzzer in the opening round of the NCAA tournament against Cornell. The announcers certainly thought it was impressive! »5/09/15 2:12pm5/09/15 2:12pm

High School Lacrosse Goalie Scores Incredible 77-Yard Goal

With time running out in the third quarter of a game against Boulder (Co.) High School, Wheat Ridge HS goalie Nolan Hector hurled the ball as far down the field as he could. Amazingly, his 77-yard shot went in with 0.7 seconds remaining in the quarter. You can see the play developing—Nolan only had possession of the… »3/20/15 12:17am3/20/15 12:17am

Lacrosse Equipment Manufacturer Dishes Out Strong Anti-Title IX Takes

Sure, sure, we're as done with #brand fails as you are, but this is still pretty weak. There was a lacrosse event going on tonight, and whoever's running the Twitter account for Warrior—"one of the sporting goods industry's premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, footwear and… »7/10/14 11:16pm7/10/14 11:16pm

Why Rich Lacrosse Parents Are Making Their Kids Repeat A Grade

In the lax-crazy scholastic sports scene of the high-end Washington D.C. market, a game between Landon School and Georgetown Prep is essentially 'Skins vs. Cowboys, except with more people named Topper. They're two of the fancy-pantsiest all-boys secondary schools in the area, and their athletic rivalry offers a good… »5/01/14 3:20pm5/01/14 3:20pm