MLS Invents New Rule To Help Big-Market Teams

Traversing MLS’s ever-shifting labyrinth of player transaction rules has always been nigh-impossible. And somehow or other, now the league has sprouted yet another alleyway to get lost in. Luckily, no matter how winding the path is, you always wind up in the same place: whatever’s best for the big-city teams. »7/08/15 5:53pm7/08/15 5:53pm


Looks Like Cristiano Ronaldo And MLS Are Tugging Each Other Off

Surprise, surprise. There are more whispers and rumors linking MLS with another aging star—in this case, Cristiano Ronaldo. And while the MLS- and Ronaldo-friendly version of events doesn’t make too much sense on its face, it’s not to hard to reverse engineer what’s most likely going on here. (That it might appeal to… »4/24/15 5:11pm4/24/15 5:11pm

How Homegrown Stars Like Gyasi Zardes Are Transforming MLS

Gyasi Zardes is one the best attacking players in MLS right now, and he is neither a wrung-out superstar cashing in chips on an American soccer vacation nor a USMNT star boomeranging back home for regular playing time. His 16 goals for the LA Galaxy are the most of any American (and fifth-most in MLS) and he's a big… »10/20/14 9:48am10/20/14 9:48am

No, American Soccer Fans, This Is Not How You Do Hooliganism

Last night, league leaders FC Dallas hosted the Los Angeles Galaxy in MLS play. The home side bested the defending league champions in a dramatic 1-0 victory, with the deciding goal coming from a corner kick three minutes before the death. Defender George John charged down the ball, which had ricocheted off the… »4/14/13 10:22am4/14/13 10:22am

Juninho's Golazo Is Yet Another Reminder We're Lucky To Have Him In MLS

L.A. Galaxy are on a dominant streak at the moment, unbeaten in the last eight matches and out to a 3-1 lead over Toronto halfway through tonight's bout at Home Depot Center. Juninho's spectacular goals have made him a new threat in an already-packed lineup, and he made his presence known with two massive… »9/23/12 12:00am9/23/12 12:00am

What Counts In Soccer As A Fight Broke Out After The Red Bulls-Galaxy Match

The MLS playoffs are underway—you knew that, right?—and after the L.A. Galaxy's 1-0 victory over New York Red Bulls things got a bit testy. It wasn't brouhaha levels, mostly because the guy who appeared suffer the most pain (Red Bulls defender Rafael Márquez) wasn't actually touched, as far as anybody can tell. Even… »10/30/11 6:50pm10/30/11 6:50pm

Soccer Fans In Portland Still Behaving Curiously Like Soccer Fans In Any City Outside The United States

The Portland Timbers—seventh in the MLS's Western Conference and 7-10-4 overall—defeated the league-leading L.A. Galaxy 3-0 on Wednesday night. In spite of their hangovers, the Timbers Army was in fine form for the upset. Someone trained a camera on the heart of the crew just before Jorge Perlaza scored Portland's… »8/05/11 5:35pm8/05/11 5:35pm

Mario Balotelli Punished For "Unprofessional"-And-Also-Failed Backheel Goal Attempt

Mario Balotelli, the 20-year-old Italian striker who plays for Manchester City, attempted a backheel goal in a friendly against the L.A. Galaxy on Saturday, and it did not go well. He missed the goal by a few feet and was immediately pulled from the game. Youth soccer coaches across the world are now reveling in the… »7/25/11 2:30pm7/25/11 2:30pm