What Makes A Stanley Cup Champion? More Hockey Interactives To Explore

Continuing our industry-leading coverage of interactive hockey infographics, the charts above are a selection from an excellent piece of data viz by Dark Horse Analytics, which explore the relationship between payroll/attendance/offense/penalties and team performance. » 10/10/13 2:38pm 10/10/13 2:38pm

Not Content Merely To Win, The Bruins Are Traumatizing Franchises

The Boston Bruins will welcome the winner of the Chicago-L.A. series to the Stanley Cup Final because of their utter dismantling of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In that series, the Bruins were able to stonewall a Pittsburgh team that won 75 percent of its regular season games and led the league in scoring by a healthy… » 6/08/13 9:06pm 6/08/13 9:06pm

The L.A. Kings' Official Site Has Been Covering The NHL Trade Deadline…

Once again, the L.A. Kings organization has proven itself to be better at doing the internet than any other professional sports team. The team's official site features a trade deadline tracker, and whoever is in charge of doing the updates has been having a great time. » 4/03/13 4:43pm 4/03/13 4:43pm

L.A. Kings Donate $10,000 To Scholarship Fund In Memory Of Jessica…

Last week we told you about Jessica Ghawi (who wrote under the name Jessica Redfield), an aspiring journalist and one of the 12 people killed in the Colorado movie theater shooting. Peter Burns, a Denver radio host who worked with Ghawi, established a scholarship fund in her memory to help aspiring female… » 7/25/12 3:50pm 7/25/12 3:50pm

The Spunky Genius Of Twitter's @LAKings, The Second-Biggest Surprise Of …

The Los Angeles Kings are 7-1 since we asked if anyone could stop them. They're steamrolling the Coyotes like they steamrolled the Blues and Canucks, and they're a good bet to steamroll whichever team wins the Port Authority Bus Terminal Series. They have unquestionably been the best thing about the Stanley Cup… » 5/17/12 4:32pm 5/17/12 4:32pm