Qatar Pays Migrant Workers $1 an Hour To Be Fake Sports Fans

The life of most migrant workers in Qatar is bleak—so bleak, it's a human rights violation. The latest report from Doha reveals a new twist in the sad story. When they're not toiling away at building stadiums for the 2022 World Cup, many workers are being paid impossibly small wages to be fake sports fans. It doesn't… » 12/17/14 10:52am 12/17/14 10:52am

How A Secret Brotherhood's Revolt Nearly Destroyed The National League

Today marks the 125th anniversary of the formation of the Players' League, the most radical experiment ever attempted by baseball's major leagues. It was a rebellion led by a slender, brilliant shortstop, who had begun pondering revolt nine months before, in the shadow of the pyramids. » 11/04/14 3:17pm 11/04/14 3:17pm

Mary Kay Henry, the SEIU's President, Is Here to Talk Labor and Politics

In 2010, Mary Kay Henry was elected president of the 2 million-member Service Employees International Union. She's played major roles in ongoing battles over labor rights, wages, immigration, and health care. She's here to answer your questions now. » 10/28/14 9:50am 10/28/14 9:50am

Major League Baseball's War On Drugs Is An Immoral Shitshow

Major league ballplayers should never have agreed to drug testing. They should have told any handwringing writer who had anything to say about it to fuck right off, and they should have said the same to any handwringing politician who wanted to do something about it. They should have made clear that they would go on… » 1/14/14 6:53pm 1/14/14 6:53pm

Marvin Miller, The Man Who Beat Some Sense Into Baseball

He was in the phone book. That's the thing that always got me about Marvin Miller, the former head of the MLB players association and the man who pulled baseball out of its crude prehistory. You expect your heroes to be unlisted. You don't expect to find one of them in the white pages, right there between a Marva and… » 11/28/12 5:45pm 11/28/12 5:45pm

Someone Is Actually Sticking Up For The NFL In This Labor Deal Mess

It was bound to happen. Call it Murphy's Law of Contrarian Journalism. Two weeks back, it was ESPN's Darren Rovell looking to blame the NHL lockout on "die-hard fans," and now Ashley Fox, his colleague at the WWL, has stepped her toe into the shitstorm that erupted Monday night. Seems we've really all got it wrong… » 9/25/12 10:50pm 9/25/12 10:50pm

NHL Lockout Is Official

The NHL released a brief statement at 12:05 AM indicating that the players would be locked out. Here is the full, 151-word statement: » 9/16/12 10:00am 9/16/12 10:00am

The frustration is understandable, the NHL locked out its players on an arbitrary date after unilaterally deciding there was no point to negotiating—the third time in less than 20…

Minor League Baseball: The Last Bastion Of Acceptable Exploitation In…

For every top-flight prospect apprenticing in the minors after receiving a multi-million dollar signing bonus, hundreds of players are drafted every year and get $1,000, tops. Salaries start at $1,100 a month, and the checks only come for half a year. As Lily Rothman says over at Slate, most of these players are… » 4/03/12 3:35pm 4/03/12 3:35pm

MLB's New Draft Rules, Designed To Increase Competitive Balance, Help…

Major League Baseball and the players' union inked a new, five-year collective bargaining agreement today, and that's all well and good. We won't have another 1994, at least not for a while, and, yes, you can hear NBA fans groaning in the corner over there. There will be plenty of baseball. And, if you care, it will… » 11/22/11 6:15pm 11/22/11 6:15pm

End Of Two-A-Days: The Players Win An Early Labor Battle

It's being framed as Bart Scott playing the contrarian, but that's burying the lede. The real story is the elimination of two-a-day practices in training camp, a change midwifed during these climactic lockout negotiations. » 7/21/11 2:00pm 7/21/11 2:00pm

The Bizarre Cult Of Pro-Owner NFL Fanboys

Here's a tidy summation of how we've managed to get to where we are with the NFL lockout. A few years ago, the players and owners agreed to a new CBA, with only Ralph Wilson and Mike Brown voting against the agreement, in Wilson's case because he's old and easily confused by things. » 5/12/11 12:50pm 5/12/11 12:50pm

Today In Dumb Anti-NFLPA Spin

Florio has a pretty good rundown of the NFL's coming labor apocalypse, but there's one point he makes that I really hope doesn't catch on, even though you can be sure it will. » 1/13/11 3:15pm 1/13/11 3:15pm

NBA Players Have Sensible Proposal On Which David Stern Will Blow His…

The NBAPA wants to roll back the minimum-age requirement to 18, would like to be consulted on the new revenue-sharing program, and asks for neutral review of on-court discipline. Meanwhile, David Stern wants $800 million of the players' money. » 12/08/10 4:45pm 12/08/10 4:45pm

Last Night's Winner: David Stern's Excessive Complaining

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like David Stern, who, in advance of NBA labor negotiations, is making vague Rovian noises about cracking down on "excessive complaining." » 10/14/10 1:25pm 10/14/10 1:25pm

Stories That Don't Suck: The NFL's Angry Liberal

From time to time, we'll select stories — old and new, sports and otherwise, relevant and merely sublime — that we urge you to read for one reason or another. Today: Dave Meggyesy, linebacker, author, poisoner of our young youth, union man. » 9/06/10 1:55pm 9/06/10 1:55pm

NFL Wants To Take Hard-Earned Money From All Those Players Who Shoot…

NFL executive vice president Jeff Pash has some serious problems with the current collective bargaining agreement, foremost being that all those football players shooting themselves in bars get to keep their signing bonuses. Outrage! » 7/22/10 6:55pm 7/22/10 6:55pm


"In a comparison between [MLB] teams with home stadiums that use Aramark and teams with home stadiums that do not, Workers United found that non-Aramark teams' average luck is .40 and Aramark teams' average luck is -1.93." [Workers United] » 9/04/09 3:15pm 9/04/09 3:15pm