Lache Seastrunk Puts Team On His Back, Scores 76-Yard TD Run Despite Suffering Leg Injury Mid-Play

Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk has been a one-man Motorin' machine this season, and nothing demonstrates his tenacity and rushing ability more than this long touchdown run today against Oklahoma State, two-thirds of which appear to have been completed after Seastrunk injured his leg. (Darren Sharper did not… » 12/01/12 3:42pm 12/01/12 3:42pm

Oregon Paid For Recruiting Services, But That's Probably Okay

There have been rumors over the past few weeks that the NCAA was investigating a top program for possible recruiting violations. Then it comes out that Oregon's been cutting checks to recruiters/trainers/scouts/mentors of prospects who eventually committed to the Ducks. That sounds bad. It isn't. » 3/04/11 10:35am 3/04/11 10:35am