Colombia's Star Player Is Ramping Up The Shit Talk Ahead Of USWNT Game

Colombia aren’t afraid of anybody. They weren’t afraid of France (who they beat in the group stage), they weren’t afraid of England (who they lost to while still looking pretty damn good), and after making it to the Round of 16 and drawing one of the tournament’s favorites, they aren’t afraid of the USWNT, either. » 6/20/15 12:14pm 6/20/15 12:14pm

Holy Shit, Colombia Beat France!

The first upset of the Women’s World Cup happened this afternoon, and it was a very big one. Locked into a tight match with France all day, when the final whistle blew Colombia were on top 2-0. Ranked 28th in the world by FIFA, Colombia became the lowest ranked team to ever knockoff a top-10 team (France was 3rd) in… » 6/13/15 5:12pm 6/13/15 5:12pm