An Exclusive Interview With The Lakers Bros From That GIF

Surely you've seen this GIF by now, featuring the two greatest bros to have ever attended a Lakers game. We were so enthralled by it that we made it our mission to discover the identity of those two bros and do whatever we could to become bros with them. We succeeded: both bros, Ryan and Brian—who are not brothers but… »11/21/12 11:22am11/21/12 11:22am

I Can't Stop Looking At This GIF Of These Two Lakers Bros

This happened at yesterday's Lakers game. I can't stop watching it. I mean, just look at this fucking guy. The emphatic whipping off of the sunglasses, the backward hat, the arched eyebrow, the curl of his lips as he unleashes what was surely an epic bro-yawp, the fact that he was wearing sunglasses in the first place »11/19/12 5:16pm11/19/12 5:16pm