Four-Team Trade Sends Lamar Odom To The Clippers, ESPN Searching For New Picture Of Tadija Dragićević

The Mavericks sent disgruntled power forward/Kardashian sweetheart to the Los Angeles Clippers in a deal including four teams. The Clippers sent Mo Williams to the Utah Jazz who in turn received the draft rights to Shan Foster from the Mavericks. Dallas received the draft rights to Tadija Dragićević, who is not the… »6/30/12 2:30pm6/30/12 2:30pm

Cheer Up, Lamar Odom And Derek Fisher: Kobe's Going To Bring You Back Home

The Lakers are like a progressive, experimental insane asylum already run by the insane, but then the incarcerated insane take over from the insane running the place, and agree to a power-sharing program where nobody's quite sure which of the insane people are in charge. All of which is to put this in context: Kobe… »3/29/12 1:15pm3/29/12 1:15pm

After Last Night's Botched Trade, Danny Granger Says He's Changing His Name To "Stern's Bi#&h"

If you were following the whirlwind that came with last night's planned, and then nixed three-team trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, you probably caught some of the athlete reactions. Paul, going for subtlety, tweeted, "WoW," while Lamar Odom—after a teary interview with Stephen A. Smith—told the … »12/09/11 11:25am12/09/11 11:25am

Lamar Odom, Just Involved In An Accident That Killed A 15-Year-Old, Is Spokesman For "Life Insurance Awareness Month"

Per the website of LIFE Foundation: A Non-Profit Organization, "beginning in August, [Lamar] Odom's story will be broadcast nationally in TV and radio public service announcements (PSAs). The PSAs will also be available on LIFE's website during the September campaign at www.lifehappens.org. Include links to LIFE's… »7/22/11 1:00am7/22/11 1:00am

The Lakers Had A Group Meltdown In Honor Of Phil Jackson's Final Game

Let's avoid speculating about why the Lakers are avoiding Kobe Bryant on the court, and why Pau Gasol broke it off with his girlfriend, and how those two things may or may not be related and may or may not have lead to this 4-0 sweep, and just point out that Los Angeles played like a team — despite earlier claims —… »5/08/11 8:00pm5/08/11 8:00pm