Deadspin SHOTY Tournament: Barbaro Vs. Lamar Thomas

All right, we know this is supposed to just run Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we decided that we were too eager to finally get this first round overwith so we can start the second round tomorrow. (SI's curious pick of Mr. Wade made us decide to speed up the process a bit.) So, this is the final first round matchup, and… » 12/04/06 2:00pm 12/04/06 2:00pm

Also, We're Pretty Sure That's A Facemask Penalty

Welcome to Brawlgate, Day 4, as fallout continues from Saturday's melee between the Hurricanes and Golden Panthers. The Atlantic Coast and Sun Belt Conferences handed out 31 one-game suspensions late Sunday — 18 for Florida International, 13 for Miami — but, as they say, a new wind was about to blow. At Miami on… » 10/17/06 11:00am 10/17/06 11:00am