LaMichael James Pulled Off An Awesome Spin Move And Then Oooof

LaMichael James had 27 carries in the regular season, because Jim Harbaugh hates rookies, and because the 49ers were pretty well stocked in the backfield. But tonight, Harbaugh loosened up a bit, giving James the chance of a lifetime—an opportunity to break free in the Super Bowl. It worked great for about 90% of… »2/03/13 7:33pm2/03/13 7:33pm

When Oregon Fans Make The "O" Symbol, They're Screaming "Vagina" In American Sign Language, New York Times Reports

The New York Times shared an important revelation out of Eugene, Ore. yesterday, and we wanted to pass it on because we are immature: the spade-shaped Oregon "O" that Ducks fans so enthusiastically make to show support for the team means "vagina" in American Sign Language. »11/18/11 1:20pm11/18/11 1:20pm