Lance Berkman Is Sick Of All This Goddamn Tolerance

Lance Berkman, a bigoted Mr. Potato Head who learned how to play baseball, recently cut a political ad against an anti-discrimination ordinance that was up for a vote in Houston, Tex. Berkman was against the ordinance because it would allow “troubled men who claim to be women” to enter women’s bathrooms. The ordinance… »11/05/15 9:01am11/05/15 9:01am


Lance Berkman Cites Random Men In Women's Bathrooms As Reason To Keep Discriminating

On Nov. 3, the city of Houston will vote on Proposition 1, an ordinance which would protect Houston residents from discrimination in work, public spaces, or housing. Retired MLBer Lance Berkman is against it because he doesn’t want men in women’s bathrooms. That’s not a joke. Watch the ad, paid for by Campaign for… »9/25/15 4:51pm9/25/15 4:51pm

Lance Berkman Just Committed One Of The Funniest Errors In His Career

Lance Berkman is still in the majors at age 36, and as a member of the National League Cardinals, gets to entertain us in the field on a daily basis. And entertain he did this afternoon in the first inning of St. Louis' tussle with the Milwaukee Brewers, as what should have been the final out of the inning became a… »7/18/12 2:57pm7/18/12 2:57pm