Hop On Back Of The Bobby Petrino Apology Tour, Which Begins Today

It's been just under four months since Arkansas fired Bobby Petrino for hiring his young girlfriend to an athletics department position, paying her extra under the table, and lying about it. Four months is barely enough time to break in a new hairstyle, but, naturally, Petrino has found the time to search his soul,… »8/09/12 2:15pm8/09/12 2:15pm


Bobby Petrino Kept Jessica Dorrell A Secret As Long As Possible: More Crash Details Emerge

From the beginning, Bobby Petrino's motorcycle accident raised questions beyond the comely blonde involved. From the point of view of the Arkansas State Police, they needed to quickly clear up the matter of Captain Lance King, an off-duty officer who transported Petrino—but not Dorrell—to the hospital. »4/09/12 7:15pm4/09/12 7:15pm