Landry Fields Turns Into 6-Foot-7 Nicki Minaj For Singing Competition

Landry Fields took part in Sing Your Face Off, a celebrity singing competition on ABC in which the contestants dress up like the artists of the songs they're covering. (He filmed the episodes right after the regular season ended.) Last week, Fields's song was "Starships" by Nicki Minaj. And so, Landry Fields dressed… »6/08/14 3:10pm6/08/14 3:10pm


Raptors Sign Landry Fields Solely To Cockblock The Knicks On Steve Nash

Marc Stein reports that the Raptors have agreed to terms with Knicks RFA guard Landry Fields, at three years for around $20 million. That's exactly the sort of backloaded, poison pill deal we wrote about yesterday—the Knicks have the right to match the offer, but probably not the financial wherewithal. So the Raptors… »7/03/12 1:35pm7/03/12 1:35pm

Marcus Camby Wrecked Landry Fields With A Flagrant Foul

Former New York Knick Marcus Camby clearly doesn't have much love for his former team, or maybe he was just frustrated by the ass-kicking the newly-D'Antoni-free New York squad was handing his Trail Blazers. Either way, he put the hit out on Landry Fields and earned a Flagrant 2 for it (reduced to a Flagrant 1 upon… »3/14/12 9:54pm3/14/12 9:54pm

After All That, Jeremy Lin Actually Went To Dinner At Del Frisco's Steakhouse Tonight

This looks to be the first major misstep in Jeremy Lin's Knicks career: After we reported that many of Manhattan's finest dining establishments would shuffle their schedules to seat Jeremy Lin (and five guests) tonight at eight, he went instead to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, a reader reports:
»2/17/12 12:40am2/17/12 12:40am