Let's Watch Larissa Riquelme "Compete" In Some Sort Of "Reggaeton Dance Contest"

Last night, Paraguay Cell Phone Girl Larissa Riquelme sent out a link called "Así concluyó el duelo de reggaetón" via Twitter. The loose translation is "Thus ended the duel of reggaetón." She's not wearing much, ends up with a belt looped around her neck and gets high marks from the judges. So there's that. »8/04/11 10:45pm8/04/11 10:45pm


Peru And Venezuela Are About To Play For South American Soccer's Consolation Prize

So what if Irina Grandez and Daisy Araujo didn't quite measure up to Larissa Riquelme in the "world will watch my nation's soccer match to see whether I will have to strip naked for them" sweepstakes? Paraguay Cell Phone Girl's nudity will be decided tomorrow. But, Irina and Daisy's heroes on the Peruvian side will… »7/23/11 3:00pm7/23/11 3:00pm

Paraguay's Cellphone-Boobs Girl Robbed, Probably Shouldn't Have Shown World Where She Hid Her Cellphone

Larissa Riquelme—bust-out star of the World Cup, "owooga"-inducer, and cellphone-placement-innovator—was robbed by "bandidos" while vacationing in Rio, losing her cellphone, passport, and other "documents." More pictures, including where she's been hiding her phone Post-World Cup after the jump. »7/26/10 4:15pm7/26/10 4:15pm