Dominique Wilkins Tells A Solid Larry Bird Trash-Talk Story

It's not news that Larry Bird was an arrogant jerk in his NBA days. He got away with most of his shit-talk because when he said he was about to shoot a three in your eye, he actually did that. He and Dominique Wilkins famously went at each other in Game 7 of the 1988 Eastern Conference Semifinals, but the Hawks… » 2/09/15 4:48pm 2/09/15 4:48pm

Here's Larry Bird Sticking His Tongue Out At A Miami Fan

Reader Natalie sends along this picture of a salty, yet playful Larry Legend as he watched the Heat destroy his Indiana Pacers last night en route to a fourth straight NBA Finals appearance. » 5/31/14 11:10am 5/31/14 11:10am

Every White Basketball Player Gets Compared To Larry Bird

You Know Who Also Untied His Opponent's Shoes? Larry Bird

So it turns out that J.R. Smith isn't the only basketball player to have untied an opponent's shoes during free throws. A couple decades ago, another trash-talking, non-urban volume shooter pulled the same stunt, and somehow managed not to get written up by a professional sportswriter as a cross between Curly Neal and… » 1/13/14 4:47pm 1/13/14 4:47pm

The Last Of The Old Way: Larry Bird's Celtics Enter The Modern Era

The Famous Dominique Wilkins-Larry Bird Game 7 Duel Just Turned 25

25 years ago today, Dominique Wilkins and Larry Bird staged one of the greatest duels in NBA history when they went shot-for-shot in the fourth quarter of Game 7 of the 1988 Eastern Conference Semifinals. Wilkins scored 16 of his 47 points in that quarter, but Bird edged him by scoring 20 of his 34 points in the… » 5/22/13 5:35pm 5/22/13 5:35pm

Larry Bird's Son Allegedly Tried To Run Over His Ex-Girlfriend With His…

Connor Bird, the 21-year-old son of NBA legend Larry Bird, was arrested on Sunday by the Indiana University police department after allegedly trying to hit his ex-girlfriend with his car. According to police, Bird and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument in his apartment, which ended with him throwing his cell… » 2/12/13 12:05pm 2/12/13 12:05pm

Who Needs Magic/Bird? This Is What A Real Basketball Musical Looks Like

Magic/Bird has premiered on Broadway, and, according to NPR's Mike Pesca, it underwhelmed. So Pesca, on this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, envisions—and, uh, sings—his ideal basketball musical. It's a wild ride. Join us, won't you? » 4/20/12 10:35am 4/20/12 10:35am

White Basketball Player Compared To White Basketball Player

George Karl, on Kevin Love: "I think we used to call him a poor man's Larry Bird. I think you can take 'poor man' off that comparison now." » 3/26/12 12:45pm 3/26/12 12:45pm

Larry Bird Has Only Cried Three Times In His Life, And Each Time Was…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Bird did get beat by Magic a few times, I guess. » 2/02/12 5:50pm 2/02/12 5:50pm

Convict Requested, Received Extra Prison Time As Larry Bird Tribute

Eric Torpy went down for armed robbery a few years back and was sentenced to 30 years in an Oklahoma prison. But if there's anything Torpy liked more than armed robbery, it's Larry Bird. » 5/13/11 11:25am 5/13/11 11:25am

Behind The Scenes Of The Classic "Nothin' But Net" Commercial

Larry Bird had to ask "What if I play you for it?" due to Jordan's gambling controversy. Per his contract, MJ could wear whatever he wanted and chose that awful Magic Eye-looking ensemble. And more great anecdotes via CNBC. » 1/23/10 2:20pm 1/23/10 2:20pm

They're Just Mining Your Childhood For Ideas Now

LeBron and Dwight Howard have teamed up to film an update of the landmark McDonald's HORSE commercial. Spoiler: the game ends when Howard is unable to hit a free throw five times in a row. » 1/08/10 3:00pm 1/08/10 3:00pm

Let's See Just How Cheap Larry Bird Is (MORE UPDATES)

Dear Mr. Bird: Industry has fled. Our budget deficit is more than $1 billion. You are very rich. Do you really need to collect this 80 bucks we owe you? Sincerely, Indiana. » 11/15/09 6:45pm 11/15/09 6:45pm

Magic And Isiah's Friendship Is Not So Friendly Anymore

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have "co-written" a new book about their lives in the NBA that, among other things, paints a not very flattering portrait of their sometime rival Isiah Thomas. With friends like these, who needs Bill Simmons? » 10/22/09 1:45pm 10/22/09 1:45pm

Perhaps Team LeBron Wants To Confiscate This Michael Jordan Video

In the wise words of Mr. Skeets: "Excuse the hyperbole, but "Kenny Rogers puts Jordan in the popcorn machine and hits a 21-footer" is the greatest quote of all time." Onions! [Balls Don't Lie] » 8/29/09 1:15pm 8/29/09 1:15pm

Are The Pacers Too White ... Or Not White Enough?

In the time-honored tradition of raising a controversial proposition for the express purpose of shooting it down, Indy Star stalwart Bob Kravitz asks, "Why are the Indiana Pacers so lily white?" » 7/08/09 12:45pm 7/08/09 12:45pm

Please Don't Make Legends Wear Their Old Uniforms

Like the rest of you, we enjoyed seeing Larry Bird and Magic Johnson making a cameo appearance in those new NBA Finals ads. But still: Why make the poor guys wear their old uniforms? Middle-aged guys in tank tops? We really don't want to see two legends from our youth in their old uniforms; this is one… » 6/09/08 3:30pm 6/09/08 3:30pm