SMU Basketball Banned From Postseason, Head Coach Larry Brown Suspended Nine Games

The NCAA just hit the Southern Methodist University men’s basketball program with some heavy sanctions, including a one-year postseason ban, scholarship reductions, vacation of wins, and a nine-game suspension for head coach Larry Brown. This is all happening because an NCAA investigation revealed that a former… »9/29/15 11:50am9/29/15 11:50am


Larry Brown Reminds Us That College Basketball Is So Full Of Itself

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently said some very smart things about the uselessness of the NCAA, suggesting that the NBA D-League is a viable alternative for developing future NBA players who would only attend one year of college before going pro because of the one-and-done rule. Larry Brown, now the head… »3/06/14 11:27am3/06/14 11:27am

Larry Brown's 9/11 Memories Darken The Redeem Team's Triumphant Gold Medal Victory

As a Philadelphian, I will always forgive Larry Brown for many of the egotistical brainfarts he's committed in his loooong and well-traveled coaching career for the rejuvenation period he brought to the Sixers when he coached here .(His 2001 Sixers team will always be one of the most revered ones in Philly sports… »8/26/08 6:00pm8/26/08 6:00pm