Larry Brown Reminds Us That College Basketball Is So Full Of Itself

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently said some very smart things about the uselessness of the NCAA, suggesting that the NBA D-League is a viable alternative for developing future NBA players who would only attend one year of college before going pro because of the one-and-done rule. Larry Brown, now the head… » 3/06/14 11:27am 3/06/14 11:27am

Larry Brown Is Interviewing (Not Politicking) For A Job With SMU

Remember back in the distant past of March when Larry Brown said he wasn't "politicking for a job" while he was politicking for a job? It worked! According to Andy Katz, Larry Brown is interviewing with SMU today. Marquette assistant coach Tony Benford will also meet with the school today. » 4/14/12 5:00pm 4/14/12 5:00pm

Larry Brown's 9/11 Memories Darken The Redeem Team's Triumphant Gold…

As a Philadelphian, I will always forgive Larry Brown for many of the egotistical brainfarts he's committed in his loooong and well-traveled coaching career for the rejuvenation period he brought to the Sixers when he coached here .(His 2001 Sixers team will always be one of the most revered ones in Philly sports… » 8/26/08 6:00pm 8/26/08 6:00pm

Larry Brown Is Happy Not To Be In New York Anymore

Larry Brown offers us a fond, cute little footnote in the epic catastrophe that is 2007 SHOTY winner Isiah Thomas' tenure with the New York Knicks. Brown wasn't exactly Mr. Sunshine and Rainbows with that team — and he clearly stopped giving a crap 10 games in — but Isiah has made sure that Brown will be remembered as… » 1/23/08 1:35pm 1/23/08 1:35pm

The Knicks Are Willing To Try Anything

When we interviewed Sam Walker, author of Fantasyland and columnist for The Wall Street Journal a while back, he spoke at length about the prevalence of fantasy baseball and the changing face of the game. We let the guy expound for a while, and expound he did. And at the end of the interview, when asked about what he's … » 4/06/06 3:00pm 4/06/06 3:00pm