It's Good To Be Rich Enough To Buy A Basketball Team

Larry Ellison has tried—and failed—to purchase an NBA franchise before, but his dream may soon come true thanks to the suddenly for-sale Clippers. The founder of Oracle is something like the world's fifth-richest man. His net worth is $50 billion, give or take a few billion dollars (and something is very skewed when… »5/01/14 2:42pm5/01/14 2:42pm


Larry Ellison Is a Billionaire Sailboat Cheater

Oracle founder and island owner Larry Ellison had a vision for yacht racing: it would be a sport so insane and magnificent, only the kings who ruled other kings could afford to participate. But in his pursuit of perfection, The Wind God went too far—his America's Cup racing team just got penalized for cheating. »9/04/13 2:23pm9/04/13 2:23pm