Here's A Photo Of James Harrison Sucking At Dodgeball

It seems James Harrison has given this offseason dodgeball thing a try before. A reader named Kristofer just emailed me the action shot you see above; the photo shows the Steelers linebacker following through on one of his candy-armed throws at Pittsburgh's Allegheny Y last winter. Kristofer also said said Harrison was … » 2/15/13 4:50pm 2/15/13 4:50pm

The Steelers' Larry Foote Told The Replacement Refs "You Should Go Kill…

You know the replacement referees are a debacle when a player gets injured on a dirty play that wasn't flagged, and no one notices because it wasn't even the worst uncalled dirty play of the quarter. » 9/24/12 12:45pm 9/24/12 12:45pm