Anthony Bennett Explains His Meteoric Rise: "I'm A Great Guy"

A news conference starring a 20-year-old is generally doomed to devolve into scripted platitudes unless the 20-year-old in question strays into honesty. Therein, we prod Anthony Bennett into discussing the reasons the Cleveland Cavaliers made him the surprise top pick in this week's NBA Draft. His reply sounded like… »6/29/13 5:46pm6/29/13 5:46pm


The Charlotte NBA Team Might Rather Be The Hornets Again

During its short 25 years in the NBA, the Hornets moniker has proven to be the league's Johnny Cash — it's been everywhere, man. Born in Charlotte, transplanted to New Orleans in 2001, bivouacked in Oklahoma City for two post-Katrina seasons, back to New Orleans for the past six seasons, then banished to the Island of… »5/18/13 1:10pm5/18/13 1:10pm

Washed-Up Larry Johnson Has Settled His 2008 Drink-Spitting Lawsuit For $100k

Larry Johnson, most recently of the Washington Redskins and this misspelled jersey, has seen his once blossoming NFL career disappear. Now, a lawsuit regarding an inflection point along Johnson's precipitous fall from grace has disappeared too. Perhaps Johnson wants to know if his career can come back. The answer, say… »4/12/11 10:00pm4/12/11 10:00pm

Ashley Stewart Sues Larry Johnson, Poses In Wetlands Area

As if Larry Johnson didn't have enough problems — he's returning to active duty this Sunday for the tragic factory fire that is the Kansas City Chiefs — now he's being sued. Johnson allegedly spit on this woman, Ashley Stewart, during an altercation in a Kansas City nightclub last month, so she's taking him to court.… »11/11/08 10:45am11/11/08 10:45am

Larry Johnson Makes a Solemn Vow to Not Become Ike Turner

Chiefs running back Larry Johnson was deactivated again this week and addressed his latest lady-pestering incident with the media yesterday and seemed surprisingly contrite. We're so used to seeing troubled athletes mumble through scripted apologies for the sake of their career, it's a little jarring to actually see… »10/23/08 10:00am10/23/08 10:00am

The Rather Remarkable Self Destruction Of Larry Johnson

Details continue to come out concerning Chiefs running back Larry Johnson and an altercation with a woman at a Kansas City nightclub on Oct. 10, and it's interesting, if depressing, reading. Already scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 3 on an assault charge for pushing a woman at a nightclub »10/21/08 9:30am10/21/08 9:30am, Johnson got into more…