Cards Fan Scuffles With Security, Dodgers Fan Right Next To Larry King

St. Louis scraped out a 10-9 win in Los Angeles tonight, but it looks like one Cardinals fan wasn't around to see the final out after a scuffle behind home plate led him to be removed by security. Also, Larry King was there. » 10/03/14 10:42pm 10/03/14 10:42pm

Behind the scenes with Larry King, Stephen A. Smith, and Skip Bayless: King and Smith compare watches, Bayless takes forever to get his makeup, King really misses newspapers. [Time] » 10/07/13 12:39pm 10/07/13 12:39pm

For Some Reason, Here's A Picture Of Larry King And His Wife Hanging…

Why are legendary talk show host Larry King and his wife hanging out with "Gangnam Style" creator Psy and baseball pitcher Chan Ho Park? The noted Dodgers fan clearly likes hanging out with superstar Korean rappers. One swept the world with his hit "Gangnam Style," and the other poked himself in the eye with… » 11/20/12 4:45pm 11/20/12 4:45pm

Hugo Chavez's Opposition In Venezuela Lampoons Him As An Egomaniacal…

In case you haven't been paying close attention to your South American politics for the past 14 years, you might be surprised to find that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's cult-of-personality president, is facing a stiff re-election challenge on Oct. 7. Basically Chavez has presided over a widespread meltdown of the… » 9/29/12 7:30pm 9/29/12 7:30pm

LeBron Goes On Larry King, Says Cleveland Has An Edge, Whatever That…

LeBron James had a conversation with a confused old man and agreed that Cleveland has an "edge" as regards his impending free agency. In response, Larry King farted quietly into his diaper. [CNN, photo via @kingsthings] » 6/01/10 5:30pm 6/01/10 5:30pm

Lucky ESPN Employees Can Feast On The Invaluable Wisdom Of Larry King

According to a memo released to ESPN employees, CNN's gargoyle-shouldered talk show host will stop by Bristol's campus on September 23rd to share some of his news industry experience and promote his book. » 9/18/09 11:53am 9/18/09 11:53am

Shocker: Larry King's Horsey Tale Is Full Of Holes

Yesterday, excerpting from his memoirs, Larry King spun a sweet little tale of hitting it big at the racetrack, thanks to a plucky horse named Lady Forli. Are you sitting down? It's all a lie! » 5/20/09 12:45pm 5/20/09 12:45pm

A Day At The Races, With Larry King!

Item: CNN's Larry King, the former USA Today Beat poet and godfather of Twitter, has a new memoir dropping. Today's excerpt, in which a down-and-out Larry hits the racetrack, is as awesome as you'd expect. » 5/19/09 3:30pm 5/19/09 3:30pm

Larry King's Temper Rears Its Ugly Shoulder Blades

CNN's venerable talk show host Larry King may not have any trouble conversing with some of the world's most famous people or constructing a brilliant turn-of-phrase, but he does have some trouble controlling himself when umpires start ruining his young son's Little League games. » 4/02/08 3:30pm 4/02/08 3:30pm

Larry King Is Busting Out All Over

As you might have heard or remembered, here's the shot of Larry King from "Football Night In America" the other night. It's like his brain exploded but remained inside his skull. » 10/23/07 10:40am 10/23/07 10:40am

Peter King, Hello!

We have always liked Sports Illustrated's Peter King, up until a couple of years ago, at least. He was plugged in, incredible for information, and had that everyman quality we Web people enjoy. But — and maybe because he's gotten all thin now, or maybe it's the breakneck schedule he keeps — he is clearly starting to… » 11/15/05 2:46pm 11/15/05 2:46pm

Look Up "Class" in the Dictionary, You'll See a Picture of Larry King

From the Reasons Radio Will Never Die department, it appears that Westwood One Radio is considering hiring Larry King to appear on its Monday Night Football radio broadcasts this year. This is the best news we have heard in months; we still haven't quite recovered canned his batshit nuts "Sports a la King"… » 9/08/05 10:02am 9/08/05 10:02am