Here's Larry Merchant's Emotional Goodbye After A 35-Year Career As TV's Most Famous Boxing Commentator

With his HBO contract expiring, 81-year-old boxing analyst Larry Merchant announced earlier this week that he'd step down from a career that made him a household name among fans of the sweet science. Last night's bout between Nonito Donaire and Jorge Arce was Merchant's last, and following the dominating Donaire TKO… »12/16/12 11:15am12/16/12 11:15am


Deadspin Inquires: Was Floyd Mayweather's Dustup With Larry Merchant A Put-On?

We're creating a new feature, folks. It's called Deadspin Inquires. You send us a sports question to investigate. It could be a riddle, an enigma, an urban legend, or just something that's been bugging you. Did Sonny Liston throw the Lewiston fight against Ali? Was Bison Dele eaten by his brother at sea? Does Bob… »1/10/12 5:40pm1/10/12 5:40pm