Pac-12 Commissioner Combines Good Idea With Dumb Suggestion

Caporegime Larry Scott, who runs the NCAA's west coast crew as the commissioner of the Pac-12, wants to arrange some kind of sit-down with the heads of all of the NCAA's families. He has a beef with basketball's so-called one-and-done rule, which requires athletes to spend one year pretending to be students before… »8/01/13 5:42pm8/01/13 5:42pm

Schools That Profit From Unpaid Labor Upset About For-Profit School

We told you last fall about Grand Canyon University, the for-profit school in Phoenix that began transitioning to NCAA Division I on June 1, with its basketball team (led by new head coach Dan Majerle!) slated to compete this winter as a member of the Western Athletic Conference. Now comes word that GCU's jump to D-I… »7/19/13 9:30am7/19/13 9:30am