Brawling And Boozing With The Rats Of Yankee Stadium

Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories, edited by yours truly, is out in paperback now. To celebrate, here's an essay from the late George Kimball. It's about Yankee Stadium II, Billy Martin, finks and phonies, brawling, and, of course, drinking with Bill "Spaceman" Lee. » 6/20/13 3:47pm 6/20/13 3:47pm

A Yankee Stadium Memory: "Their Look Didn't Say, 'Shut Up.' It Said They…

The following is taken from Bronx Banter Presents: Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories, edited by Alex Belth and featuring recollections of the old ballpark—sorry, stadium—from the likes of Pete Hamill, Charles P. Pierce, and Joe Posnanski. Bob Costas has something in there, too, I guess. Here, the great Richard Ben Cramer » 10/20/10 2:50pm 10/20/10 2:50pm