Under Attack From Laurie Fine's Lawsuit, ESPN Releases Full Audiotape And Accuser Mike Lang Affirms His Statements

Yesterday Laurie Fine went to a castle to announce that her husband, Bernie, the former Syracuse basketball assistant, hadn't molested anybody, and that she would be suing ESPN for libel for repeating that charge, among others. Today, ESPN and one of Fine's accusers returned her lakeside volley. »5/17/12 3:10pm5/17/12 3:10pm

Laurie Fine Goes To A Castle To Tell The World She Didn't Hump The Ball Boy (Among Other Things)

GENEVA, N.Y.—At 11 a.m. today, Laurie Fine stood outside of a castle about an hour west of the Syracuse University apartments in which, according to a former ball boy's testimony, she had sex with Syracuse men's basketball players. Here, flanked by the sun, the tweeting birds, and the rippling waters of Lake Seneca,… »5/16/12 3:36pm5/16/12 3:36pm

Bernie Fine's Wife Is Making A "Major Announcement" On Wednesday In A Castle Outside Syracuse

Pictured is Belhurst Castle in Geneva, N.Y. Not a terribly inviting place. Nonetheless—or perhaps therefore—Laurie Fine, wife of accused molester (and former Syracuse assistant basketball coach) Bernie Fine, will speak there on Wednesday. Two of Fine's accusers, Zach Tomaselli and Floyd VanHooser, have retracted their… »5/14/12 3:35pm5/14/12 3:35pm

The Claim That Laurie Fine Had Sex With Syracuse Players Is Now In The Court Record

Don't say we didn't tell you about this two months ago. Now Bobby Davis has filed an affidavit in New York Supreme Court claiming that Laurie Fine, wife of Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine, semi-openly carried on sexual relationships with members of the basketball team, even comparing penis sizes with another coach's… »1/31/12 10:20am1/31/12 10:20am

Which Syracuse Basketball Players Had Sex With Laurie Fine?

One of the stranger aspects of that taped phone conversation between former ball boy Bobby Davis and accused molester Bernie Fine's wife, Laurie, is the apparent revelation that Davis had a sexual relationship with Laurie. He's not the only one—and there might be a sex tape to prove it, a media source tells us. »11/30/11 5:10pm11/30/11 5:10pm

"He Thinks He's Above The Law": Bernie Fine's Wife Secretly Taped On Phone, Admits "Bernie Has Issues"

Jim Boeheim may not be Joe Paterno, but things may be unraveling for him just as they did for Paterno. The wife of assistant coach Bernie Fine, Laurie Fine, allegedly had phone conversations with her husband's accuser, Bobby Davis, where she admitted she was aware of several of his transgressions. Davis provided the… »11/27/11 10:25am11/27/11 10:25am