Jerry Sandusky Had An Appeal Hearing Today, Which Meant Lawyerin' Joe Was A Witness To His Own Lawyerin'

Fresh off his near-miss (0.22 percent! So close!) in the Deadspin Hall of Fame balloting, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola was back in a Bellefonte, Pa., courtroom this morning on behalf of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. It was Sandusky's first time in front of a judge since he was sentenced in October, and he was all… »1/10/13 5:30pm1/10/13 5:30pm


Jerry Sandusky's Autobiography Helped Police Track Down Additional Victims

In Greek mythology, many apparent protagonists are later forced to face the wrath of the gods for showing excessive pride, arrogance or just losing touch with reality in general. Welcome back to State College, where hubris isn't so much a trait as it is a way of life. On top of being unfortunately titled, Jerry… »1/08/12 3:15pm1/08/12 3:15pm

Second Mile's Insurance Company Wants Nothing To Do With Jerry Sandusky

You know you are having a bad year when even an insurance company looks at you with that "yeeesh" look. Well, that is essentially what attorneys for Federal Insurance—the company that insures Second Mile—did in their recently filed lawsuit in federal court in Williamsport. The complaint argues that Federal Insurance… »12/25/11 5:00pm12/25/11 5:00pm