Why Rich Lacrosse Parents Are Making Their Kids Repeat A Grade

In the lax-crazy scholastic sports scene of the high-end Washington D.C. market, a game between Landon School and Georgetown Prep is essentially 'Skins vs. Cowboys, except with more people named Topper. They're two of the fancy-pantsiest all-boys secondary schools in the area, and their athletic rivalry offers a good… » 5/01/14 3:20pm 5/01/14 3:20pm

Until A Few Minutes Ago, Duke's Official Site Featured A Women's…

The picture you see above is a screenshot from an article on GoDuke.com, the official site for Duke University athletics. In the photo are members of the women's lacrosse team, dressed up like the Little Rascals for Halloween. And wouldn't you know it, the one who dressed up as Buckwheat decided to put on blackface.… » 11/12/12 9:35am 11/12/12 9:35am

OSU Lacrosse Goalie Makes Sport Watchable, If Briefly

I grew up in Maryland, where lacrosse is the official team sport » 5/11/08 4:00pm 5/11/08 4:00pm (The official individual sport? Jousting. Yes, Maryland is retarded. I'm sure they'll change the team sport to Quidditch before the decade is out). There, lacrosse is all the rage with white guys and the rare black dude who listens to The Deftones.…