LeBron Watch, Day 55: Dan Gilbert's Top Secret Second Letter To…

The Cavs owner has already racked up a $100,000 penalty for ripping LeBron James, and now, in the wake of Zydrunas Ilgauskas's departure for Miami, he appears to be gunning for a second fine.

Dear Cleveland, all of Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Cavaliers supporters wherever you may be tonight, and residents of Kaunas,… » 7/14/10 12:15pm 7/14/10 12:15pm

LeBron Watch, Day 50: What ESPN Should Have Asked LeBron James

On a night when LeBron James became the most hated man in basketball, only one network had a chance to ask him tough questions about a decision that will shape the future the NBA. And, of course, they didn't do that. » 7/09/10 11:40am 7/09/10 11:40am

LeBron Watch, Day 49: The Day We All Became Witnesses

At 9 p.m., the long-running soap opera over LeBron James's free agency will end, cementing the fact that the King's ego — not the things he does on the court — has become his defining characteristic. » 7/08/10 12:30pm 7/08/10 12:30pm

LeBron Watch, Day 42: Two Reasons LeBron Can't Leave Cleveland

Turn off ESPN. Fold the newspaper. Ignore talk radio. Until LeBron signs somewhere, all of the experts are going to blather on that they "know" where LeBron is going. Save your time. Read this instead.

» 7/01/10 12:20pm 7/01/10 12:20pm

LeBron Watch, Day 34: The "LeBron Leaves Cleveland" Doomsday Scenario

In a little more than a week, LeBron James could be a Knick. He could be a Bull. And if he is anything but a Cav, the impact on Cleveland could be staggering. One passionate fan's ultimate nightmare scenario for his hometown. » 6/23/10 1:30pm 6/23/10 1:30pm

LeBron Watch, Day 26: Why Tom Izzo Isn't Man Enough To Coach The Cavs

Last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers offered Michigan State's Tom Izzo the chance to coach in the NBA. The deafening silence since proves Izzo ain't ready. » 6/15/10 1:15pm 6/15/10 1:15pm

LeBron Watch, Day 21: If He Leaves, It Ain't Cleveland's Fault

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, has bent over backwards to appease his preening star, who has repaid Gilbert by bending him over in public. Plus: Will Tom Izzo coach the Cavs? » 6/10/10 12:30pm 6/10/10 12:30pm

LeBron Watch, Day 14: The Most Hated Man in Cleveland Sports History?

With Chicago and New York salivating over the prospects of LeBron's arrival, Cleveland weighs what happens if he goes. Let's just say Art Modell's got some competition now. » 6/03/10 12:45pm 6/03/10 12:45pm

LeBron Watch, Day 12: What The Cavs Will Do About The Delonte…

Was there any truth to the rumor that Delonte West and LeBron's mom, uh, you know? Two Cleveland insiders disagree on what happened, but no matter what, there's only one way for the Cavs to handle it. » 6/01/10 12:00pm 6/01/10 12:00pm

LeBron Watch, Day 7: Barack Obama Wants To Destroy Basketball In…

As the first week of LeBron Watch comes to a close, even the president of the United States is weighing in on the important matter, urging the King to come to Chicago. » 5/27/10 10:15am 5/27/10 10:15am

LeBron Watch, Day 5: Conspiracy! LeBron James Wants John Calipari To Be…

Mike Brown is gone. So, what does LeBron James really want in his heart-of-hearts, that unknowable place the media have never seen? It couldn't be John Calipari, could it? » 5/25/10 11:30am 5/25/10 11:30am

LeBron Watch, Day 4: Did LeBron James Get His Head Coach Fired?

Maybe not directly, but by refusing to take Mike Brown seriously, laughing at him after tough losses, and quitting on him in Games 5 & 6 against the Celtics ... close enough. » 5/24/10 12:05pm 5/24/10 12:05pm

LeBron Watch, Day 2: No, Seriously, Mo Williams Runs A Pit Bull Business

A comment in Friday's LeBron Watch about Mo Williams sparks conversation on the Internets, serving as a reminder that every joke's got a bit of truth to it. » 5/22/10 12:30pm 5/22/10 12:30pm

LeBron Watch, Day 1: The Secret Reason LeBron James Might Stay Put In…

In the first installment of his occasional LeBron Watch, Esquire's Scott Raab, a native Clevelander, reveals the secret link between LeBron's mom and his free agency — and it doesn't involve Delonte West. » 5/21/10 12:45pm 5/21/10 12:45pm