Lee Corso Called Kansas State QB Collin Klein "Calvin" And Chris Fowler Absolutely Lost It

Longtime viewers of ESPN's College GameDay have come to expect the occasional misstatement or malapropism from Lee Corso; the reality is that Coach hasn't been 100% since his 2009 stroke. Today's mistake, though, was funny enough that Chris Fowler broke down on the set Jimmy Fallon-style, taking almost half a minute… »12/01/12 12:12pm12/01/12 12:12pm

Lee Corso Almost Killed A Duck On College Gameday

At this point, we have no grounds for saying whether or not the duck is dead. The duck could be alive, it could be in the final, painful throes of death, it could be totally OK—maybe ducks are more resilient than they look. Maybe. We're not veterinarians. All we know is that the duck was not happy, and if those were… »11/17/12 12:25pm11/17/12 12:25pm

There's No Cheering In The Pressbox, So ESPN's Lee Corso Went Down To The Sidelines

Lee Corso's College GameDay schtick has for decades been his end-of-show prognostication of the day's feature game—usually involving his favored team's mascot. (Today he picked the hometown Gators to beat South Carolina, and even brought a baby alligator to the set.) But we mostly assumed his interest in the game… »10/20/12 5:30pm10/20/12 5:30pm

Break Out The Photoshop, It's Lee Corso On A Big Inflatable Duckie!

ESPN's College GameDay crew is out at USC, shooting some commercials. One of the behind-the-scenes photos is Lee Corso, wearing a 1920s swimsuit and riding a big yellow duck raft. Click the picture to enlarge, and please make some photoshops of this. Put them in the comments, and we'll feature the best later. »5/31/12 2:20pm5/31/12 2:20pm

ESPN Will Now Attempt To Be Kind Of Honest About Its Personalities' Endorsements

The ESPN transparency project, otherwise known as the giving of a different name to public relations, otherwise known as "Front Row," released the company's new endorsement policies last week and came out with a list of its commentators' "endorsement relationships" this morning. We documented a fair number of these… »4/18/11 7:30pm4/18/11 7:30pm

ESPN Personalities Have Shilled For A Lot More Than Just Nike: A Video Compilation

Last week, The New York Times reported that three ESPN College GameDay anchors — Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lee Corso — have had shoe contracts with Nike. We've known about Erin Andrews's endorsement deal with Reebok for some time, but the news that these three have worn Nike and agreed to speaking… »2/22/11 10:00am2/22/11 10:00am