This Is The Soccer Flop To End All Soccer Flops

Leeds United took on Derby County over the weekend, and that's not at all interesting except for the fact that the game gave us a truly glorious flop. » 12/01/14 3:16pm 12/01/14 3:16pm

Cute, Deluded Young Leeds Fan Thinks He Can Coach Team To European Cup

Little Zack Webb has already developed some pretty strong convictions in his seven years on Earth. One is that Leeds are tops. Another is that the club could be the best in the world. Most importantly, he knows he's the man to make it happen. » 9/04/14 5:09pm 9/04/14 5:09pm

U.S. National Team Member Robbie Rogers Comes Out As Gay, Walks Away…

Rogers, who had 18 caps for the USMNT, starred for the Columbus Crew, and most recently played for Leeds United, has made the decision to leave soccer at just 25 years old. He made the startling announced in a post on his blog, in which he also publicly proclaimed that he's gay. » 2/15/13 12:37pm 2/15/13 12:37pm

Violent Idiot On The Field In The UK Has Been Banned From All Football…

77 minutes into a Football League Championship match between Leeds United and Sheffield at Hillsborough (where fan involvement and safety has always been an issue), a fan ran out onto the field and pushed Leeds United goalkeeper Chris Kirkland in the face. He then slipped, righted himself, and disappeared into the… » 10/20/12 9:10am 10/20/12 9:10am

Great-Grandmother Banned For Invading Leeds' Soccer Field Just Wanted…

Margaret Musgrove, a 63-year-old great-grandmother from West Yorkshire, has been banned from the Leeds United stadium after running onto the field at Elland Road in May. She is much cooler and possibly drunker than your great-grandmother: » 6/23/11 2:45pm 6/23/11 2:45pm

Manchester United Haters, Rejoice

It had been an exceedingly boring FA Cup, with all the favorites going through. That is, until about an hour ago. Mighty Man U fell to a League One side, and not just any side: Leeds, their historic rivals. » 1/03/10 10:45am 1/03/10 10:45am