How To Eat Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Three Good-Ass Techniques

The morning following Thanksgiving is a bleary, cotton-mouthed, dead-eyed time—a time for questions, a time of Reckoning. "Oh, Jesus, how much did I drink yesterday?" and, "Am I going to die?" and, "Why do I keep doing this to myself?" and, "Am I in Fort Worth? How did I come to be in Fort Worth?" These are all very… » 11/28/14 12:35pm 11/28/14 12:35pm

The Foodspin Thanksgiving Reader

Hey whoa Thanksgiving is here! This means you will have to provide some victuals for some people, or else they will finally have the excuse for disowning/defriending/excommunicating you that they have always secretly wanted. Below you'll find all the Thanksgiving-relevant Foodspin action you'll need in order to… » 11/26/13 1:17pm 11/26/13 1:17pm

Jeff George Is Available For Birthdays, Weddings, And Bar Mitzvahs

Fight On, Dear Old Muncie: Jeff George is just what your basketball team needs to succeed. You know where this is headed. [Bleacher Report] » 2/21/09 4:30pm 2/21/09 4:30pm

Free Agency All Over The Damn Place

• Vince Carter will continue to be a New Jersey Net. I'm sorry, New Jersey. [ESPN]
• Meanwhile, Jason Kapono becomes a Raptor. [ESPN]
• And Joe Thornton will remain a San Jose Shark. [SI]
• And Frankie Lampard rejected a deal to become the most well-paid player in Chelsea history. [Soccernet]
• Can I e-mail you, Rich… » 7/01/07 5:15pm 7/01/07 5:15pm

Last Words On The NBA Draft...

• Here's a draft post that will hold your attention ... all 30 first round picks, compared to various slices of fine trim. [Insomniac's Lounge]
• Smart people love Daequan Cook. [Winning the Turnover Battle]
• And here's more - a lot more - on Daequan Cook. [SporTech Matter]
• You hate to see it come to this for… » 6/30/07 4:11pm 6/30/07 4:11pm

Heath Shuler Will Always Be Heath Shuler

• Heath Shuler, still bad at sports. [Roll Call]
• Rod Beck, what a closer should be. [Signal To Noise]
• How the WWE screwed up the Chris Benoit "tribute." [Simon On Sports]
• Today's Happy Gilmore moment. [Fox News]
• Bulls not going after Kobe. [] » 6/26/07 3:45pm 6/26/07 3:45pm

Whither Wrigley?

• About that whole impending Cubs purchase. [Fortune]
• Marion Jones has no money. [The Sports Elitists]
• Who broke up Dustin McGowan's no hitter yesterday? How about The Mighty MJD? [Cousings Of Ron Mexico]
• Bill Simmons is wrong: Lots of people enjoyed the NHL Draft. [German Village Media]
• The NFL rookie… » 6/25/07 3:45pm 6/25/07 3:45pm

Filling Your Need For Construda

• Laurence Maroney just keeps bringing the Kool-Aid. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
• Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton beat up Diego Corrales last night. [Rumors and Rants]
• Meet the dickweed who yells "It's in the hole!" after every shot at a golf tournament. [JoeSportsFan]
• Mark Messier, honored for his ability to snare poon. [… » 6/24/07 5:30pm 6/24/07 5:30pm

Tank Johnson Stays In Character

• Really, Tank Johnson? Really? [Sports Oasis]
• Watch Justin Morneau bruise his lung. [Lion in Oil]
• Bill Simmons, as much as he loves the NBA Draft, has made some really bad calls. Which makes him like a lot of NBA GMs. [The Realests]
• The odd travails of that guy who tried to break the world treadmill running… » 6/23/07 4:15pm 6/23/07 4:15pm

Grumbling About ESPN

• Joe Theismann is not happy with ESPN ... [Metro Boston]
• ... but this guy is REALLY not happy. [The Big Lead]
• This punter be badass. [WBRS Sports Blog]
• Bud Harrelson is grouchy. [One More Dying Quail]
• Making it rain keeps going mainstream. [College Gameballs] » 6/22/07 3:45pm 6/22/07 3:45pm

The College World Series, DIRTY

• Ah, the ole' porn names game. Love it. [extrapolater]
• Brian Urlacher has had it up to here with your RULES. [Foul Balls]
• One should always smoke weed before a big game. []
• Nike ads in Asia. [Deuce Of Davenport]
• Everyone's being traded! [The Basketball Jones] » 6/21/07 4:00pm 6/21/07 4:00pm

Nice Try, Mike

• Mike Conley thinks he's name-dropped in a new hip-hop song. We're not so sure. [Bad Idea Blue Jeans]
• Latrell Sprewell's lawsuit against the New York Post is thrown out of court. []
• About that Michael Barrett trade. [Rumors And Rants]
• Who has the easiest college football schedule? [Kermit The Blog]
•… » 6/20/07 4:15pm 6/20/07 4:15pm

People ... Vince McMahon Is Not Dead

• Heavens ... it's not too difficult to "fool" WWE fans. [CNBC]
• Robinson Cano, ambulance chaser. [New York Times]
• Brits, THIS is how football works. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
• The Devil Rays manager is a fan of the Buzzsaw. Figures. [Arizona Republic]
• Alexi Lalas somewhat overstates the importance of the MLS. [… » 6/19/07 3:45pm 6/19/07 3:45pm

Nice Shades, Papi

• David Ortiz receives strange gifts for Father's Day. [Red Sox Monster]
• Packers in a bar fight! []
• Kevin Millar is somewhat fiery. [The Angry T]
• This baseball card tournament has been quite amusing. [Babes Love Baseball]
• U.S. soccer has enough problems with their uniforms. [Slate]
• How FOX and MLB are… » 6/18/07 3:45pm 6/18/07 3:45pm

Brett Hull, We Hardly Knew Ye

• NBC has apparently let Brett Hull go ... yeah, he was the reason for the low ratings. Of course, it also seems entirely possible that they just couldn't afford to pay him. [Barry Melrose Rocks]
• Former Houston Oiler Sean Jones is a real dick. [Money Players]
• Mark Cuban ... doing just fine these days. [Foul Balls]
» 6/17/07 5:15pm 6/17/07 5:15pm

Roman Colon Sounds So Unpleasant

• Solid headline for a blog entry: "We had righteous grass until the Police showed up." [Athletics Nation]
• Damon Jones has a huge impact on the NBA ... gamblers. [Just Call Me Juice]
• Antonio Alfonseca appears to be kind of awesome. [Bugs and Cranks]
• Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing Larry Brown take over the… » 6/16/07 3:45pm 6/16/07 3:45pm

Never Too Early For Soccer

• The EPL schedule is out. [Being Sven]
• An interview with Amanda Beard. [This Suit Is Not Black]
• The Red Sox miss Orlando Cabrera. [Fire Brand Of The American League]
• Some steroid troubles in the MMA world. [Stiff Drinks]
• Nick Saban, not making friends. [] » 6/15/07 3:45pm 6/15/07 3:45pm

Lookin' Sharp!

• Mike Nolan's suit is enough to almost make us want to root for the 49ers this year. [With Leather]
• Goodbye, Sal. Goodbye. [The 700 Level]
• Haiti's soccer team tries to defect. [This Is American Soccer]
• Wait, you can sell season tickets for a franchise you don't own? [The Star]
• Bill Simmons does not want your… » 6/14/07 3:45pm 6/14/07 3:45pm

Watch The Felt

• Snooker players, fighting. Fun! [Deuce Of Davenport]
• Just to remind you, Ankiel's still hitting the crap out of the ball. [Memphis Commercial Appeal]
• Placido Polanco, with whom we share a birthday, is atop the AL second basemen in All-Star voting. []
• Darren Rovell explains what it means to be Darren… » 6/13/07 3:45pm 6/13/07 3:45pm