How To Eat Your Thanksgiving Leftovers: Three Good-Ass Techniques

The morning following Thanksgiving is a bleary, cotton-mouthed, dead-eyed time—a time for questions, a time of Reckoning. "Oh, Jesus, how much did I drink yesterday?" and, "Am I going to die?" and, "Why do I keep doing this to myself?" and, "Am I in Fort Worth? How did I come to be in Fort Worth?" These are all very… » 11/28/14 12:35pm 11/28/14 12:35pm

The Foodspin Thanksgiving Reader

Hey whoa Thanksgiving is here! This means you will have to provide some victuals for some people, or else they will finally have the excuse for disowning/defriending/excommunicating you that they have always secretly wanted. Below you'll find all the Thanksgiving-relevant Foodspin action you'll need in order to… » 11/26/13 1:17pm 11/26/13 1:17pm

Free Agency All Over The Damn Place

• Vince Carter will continue to be a New Jersey Net. I'm sorry, New Jersey. [ESPN]
• Meanwhile, Jason Kapono becomes a Raptor. [ESPN]
• And Joe Thornton will remain a San Jose Shark. [SI]
• And Frankie Lampard rejected a deal to become the most well-paid player in Chelsea history. [Soccernet]
• Can I e-mail you, Rich… » 7/01/07 5:15pm 7/01/07 5:15pm