Jonathan Vilma Sues Marlins For Allegedly Ruining His Barbecue Stand

Baseball season's almost over, so we've got precious few chances left to make fun of the Miami Marlins organization before it disappears from our consciousness for the winter. What are the Marlins up to today? Oh nothing, just getting countersued by NFL linebacker Jonathan Vilma for allegedly fucking up his barbecue… » 9/06/13 12:20pm 9/06/13 12:20pm

Parents Of Armless, Legless Aspiring Cheerleader Claim "Scoring Errors"…

If what the Omaha World-Herald says is true, 16-year-old Julia Sullivan "likes to dance [and] wants to get people excited for games." Following those passions, she tried out to join her friends on the cheerleading squad not once, not twice, but three times. » 7/13/11 9:15pm 7/13/11 9:15pm