Relive Andy Murray's Wimbledon Victory Moment With Lego

Commemorating a victory 77 years in the making, this Lego video poignantly captures that epic moment when Andy Murray brought Britain a Wimbledon win. Of course four British women have won at Wimbledon during the past 7 decades, but yay for British men! You did it! You finally did it! [The Guardian] »7/10/13 3:20pm7/10/13 3:20pm


Why There Are No Baseball Bats In the Lego Universe?

Believe it or not, there are no baseball bats in the Lego universe. Why? Probably because a minifig could use one to break another minifig's plastic cranium. And we all know that you can't use weapons in Lego's universe, much less break minifig craniums. This is why Brickarms, the dealer of All Things Violent for Lego‚Ķ »6/27/13 9:37am6/27/13 9:37am