Nothing Is Sadder Than Lego Júlio César Getting Bombarded With Goals

The French publication L'Équipe created a Lego depiction of Germany's thrashing of Brazil and it's a pretty cool little thing that really hammers home the onslaught poor Júlio César was under. An added bonus is that, it turns out, a totally helpless stop-motion Lego man is very sad and very funny. »7/09/14 2:02pm7/09/14 2:02pm


The Controversial Olympic Fencing Semifinal, Recreated Using Legos

Yesterday, we showed you the bizarre aftermath of the women's individual épée semifinal, which was won by Germany's Britta Heidemann after a timing error put another second on the clock and allowed Heidemann to score a decisive touch on South Korea's Shin A Lam. Shin then proceeded to remain on the piste for more than… »7/31/12 10:45am7/31/12 10:45am