Len Pasquarelli Has Some Words For Anyone Else Who Dares "Report"

Almost anyone who has ever dealt with ESPN's Len Pasquarelli tells us he's kind of a dick. And by "kind of a dick," we mean, "actively chewing the heads off kittens while he's speaking to you." You can add Portfolio magazine's Jeff Bercovici to that list. » 1/09/08 1:35pm 1/09/08 1:35pm

Len Pasquarelli Has Had Enough Of Your Silliness

We'd like to thank the folks at Pro Football Talk for finding this clip of ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli appearing on Charlotte sports talk radio, on something called the "Penner and Mac Show." (Honestly, nobody in sports radio has ever been called by their full name; we're still waiting for "The Humberto Frankelstein… » 8/23/06 6:15pm 8/23/06 6:15pm

NFL Roundup: Daunte's Blues

• If you somehow were able to make an emotionless, painless robot clone of Bea Arthur, and you pounded that clone in the face with a polo mallet for 25 minutes, then slammed that head in a car door 15 times, then severed the head with an exceptionally long and sharp toenail, then put the head in a microwave until it… » 9/19/05 8:55am 9/19/05 8:55am

We Have To Ask ...

Suggested questions for today's ESPN SportsNation chatters ...
11 a.m. Buster Olney: Admit it, dude: You totally asked Jeter for an autograph one time.
1 p.m. NFL with Len Pasquarelli: How about a report on the contract you signed to leave CBS Sportsline, huh big guy?
2 p.m. Ohio State AD Gene Smith: If you find… » 8/29/05 10:59am 8/29/05 10:59am