Leonard Davis Saves Adorable Baby Ducks From Being Covered In Sand.…

Here's 6'6 Cowboys' guard Leonard Davis lending a giant helping paw to some wayward ducklings at the team's annual Sponsor Appreciation golf tournament. Luckily, NBCDFW.com cameras were there to watch the whole dramatic scene play out. » 5/12/10 7:15pm 5/12/10 7:15pm

Satan, For One, Cares About The Pro Bowl

The devil wants to destroy successful believers, Cowboys o-lineman Leonard Davis tells BPSports.net. That means you, Christian Pro Bowlers! "Satan is definitely on the prowl," Davis says. "He wants to see us fail." [BPSports.net] » 2/04/10 3:15pm 2/04/10 3:15pm

The Answer Is None. None More Black

Athletes want to be musicians. Maybe they're not getting enough groupies on their day job, but the urge for a player to also be a troubadour seems overwhelming. Oftentimes Every time, it's a failure (I'm looking at you, Deion). » 6/28/09 11:45am 6/28/09 11:45am

Leonard Davis Gives A Damn About Your Horse

It's the biggest time of the year in horse racing, and you know what that means: total disregard for the health of animals while the rest of us drink bourbon and gamble. But not for Cowboys offensive lineman Leonard Davis. Davis is an equine hero. » 5/19/07 1:30pm 5/19/07 1:30pm