Manager Who Tip-Shamed LeSean McCoy Says McCoy Acted Like A Dick

Yesterday, the manager of a Philly burger joint called PYT posted a receipt showing Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to be a shitty tipper to his restaurant's Facebook page. He caught a lot of grief for it from Facebook commenters, but today he's refusing to back down and calling out McCoy for allegedly treating the… » 9/09/14 3:52pm 9/09/14 3:52pm

LeSean McCoy Sics Twitter Army On His "Broke, Worthless" Babymama After…

Look, we have no idea if LeSean McCoy is a deadbeat dad. The mother of his child LeSean McCoy Jr. is alleging that to be the case—and a whole lot more. Indeed, in a bizarre battle that resulted in McCoy deleting his twitter account, the babymama (known as Steph) accused McCoy of having herpes, having had surgery to… » 1/27/13 10:20am 1/27/13 10:20am

LeSean McCoy Gets Concussed, And It's All Andy Reid's Fault

If Andy Reid's out, he's taking as many players as he can with him. That's the only possible explanation for leaving his starters in until the very end of a blowout loss at Washington, a strategy that paid off with LeSean McCoy receiving a concussion at a time when he should have been on the bench, thinking about how… » 11/19/12 9:45am 11/19/12 9:45am

Scab Ref Tells LeSean McCoy: "I Need You For My Fantasy Team"

It's an important distinction to note that most criticism of the replacement officials is directed not at them, but at the league for forcing it to come to this point. We know the refs are doing the best they can; we know they're just not prepared. (More than getting the calls right, memorizing the rule book and… » 9/18/12 10:10am 9/18/12 10:10am