Soccer Player Dances Like A Monkey In Response To Fans' Racist Jeers

Papakouli Diop of Spanish club Levante reacted to racist taunts by Atletico Madrid fans after the match by dancing for them. » 5/04/14 6:58pm 5/04/14 6:58pm

Levante 1, Real Madrid 0: How Did The Team That's "Ugly, Poor, And Bad…

A year ago, Levante earned a draw against Real Madrid, the best, wealthiest, handomest team in all of La Liga. It was a big moment for the Levante Granotes (that means frogs): Striker Rafa Jordá likened the 0-0 decision to "chewing the face off your girlfriend." (We'll blame shaky translation for that one.) Winning,… » 9/19/11 3:10pm 9/19/11 3:10pm