Listen To Sexual Harasser Isiah Thomas Lie About His Sexual Harassment

Here is a thing that actually, inarguably happened. On October 6, 2007, a jury found that Isiah Thomas sexually harassed a New York Knicks executive, who was fired when she told Madison Square Garden, the organization that owns the Knicks, that Isiah Thomas sexually harassed her. She was awarded $11.6 million to be… »5/06/15 12:10pm5/06/15 12:10pm

44 Lies Roger Goodell Told In His Press Conference Today

  1. "It has been a season of amazing competition, challenges and real progress."
  2. "The NFL is made up of good and caring people."
  3. "We are doing more to protect our players from unnecessary risks."
  4. "Concussions were down 25%."
  5. "The quality of the game continues to improve."
  6. "Last year, technology improved officiating."
  7. "The…
  8. »1/30/15 3:35pm1/30/15 3:35pm

Pro Football Shill Lanny Davis Lies About Shilling for Pro Football

Antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating infection Lanny Davis published a column in the Hill yesterday deploring the media's terrible rush to judgment against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Because the NFL's self-commissioned investigation into the Ray Rice scandal failed to find evidence that the league had done wrong,… »1/15/15 10:29pm1/15/15 10:29pm

Did New Clippers CEO Dick Parsons Really Play College Basketball? [Update]

Dick Parsons has had, as they say, a long and distinguished career. A one-time aide to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and a former chair of organizations ranging from Time Warner to Citigroup to the Jazz Foundation of America, he's if anything overly qualified for his current role as CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers. »5/22/14 2:50pm5/22/14 2:50pm

Vladimir Putin Says He Didn't Steal Bob Kraft's Super Bowl Ring

Yesterday, we wrote about how Russian president Vladimir Putin Deboed Patriots owner Bob Kraft for one of his Super Bowl rings. The story felt too good to be true, which means it might be too good to be true. Kraft's recount of the exchange and Putin's quote, for example, approaches something resembling implausibility: »6/16/13 2:15pm6/16/13 2:15pm

Editor's Note: Suggesting Dan Snyder Is A Bullshitter Is Not As Libelous As Writing, "Dan Snyder Blows Dogs"

The previous post on Deadspin might have given the impression that Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a liar. Snyder takes such accusations very seriously, and so do we, which is why we now endeavor to answer the question: Is it libelous to suggest that Dan Snyder is a lying-ass shitbag vulgarian? »6/18/12 3:15pm6/18/12 3:15pm

Dan Snyder's Official Team Bio Is A Tour De Force Of Bullshit

When you think of Redskins owner Dan Snyder, you think of a miserable, gutless sack of shit who ruined a franchise and made an entire fanbase hate his guts. Ah, but that's just how Dan Snyder is perceived in the real world. The world of official team bios, on the other hand, is magical place where any traces of Dan… »6/18/12 3:10pm6/18/12 3:10pm

Jalen Rose Called Out Skip Bayless's High School Hoops Fantasy And Bayless Confessed

After reports emerged yesterday that ESPN's Skip Bayless had grossly exaggerated his high school basketball career—claiming he started for a state finalist team when his own high school yearbook suggests he averaged just 1.4 points per gameFirst Take panelist and actual basketball star Jalen Rose chose a perfect… »4/10/12 1:00pm4/10/12 1:00pm

Report: Basketball Hero Skip Bayless Actually Averaged 1.4 Points Per Game As A High School Senior

About a week ago, we told you about the high school exploits of "starting point guard" Skip Bayless. According to Skip, he started for the team that would eventually lose in the state finals. Turns out, Skip Bayless is a fibber. Or, maybe his coach just had an unconventional way of constructing his lineup. You decide. »4/09/12 2:49pm4/09/12 2:49pm