Skins Fan Narcs On "F RG3" Plate To DMV, And Now Everybody Hates Him

Washington's season has just about reached the point where the fans are turning on each other. The pro- and anti-Griffin sects are at war. Blood is being spilled over which Shanahan to dump, or both. The Kirk Cousins fifth column waits in the wings. Everyone hates Dan Snyder. You'd think if anything could bring about… » 11/19/13 4:22pm 11/19/13 4:22pm

Innumerate Aggie Spends $115,000 On '12THMAN' License Plate

That's a photo of proud Texan A&M graduate and Texas governor Rick Perry holding the '12THMAN' license plate that sold for a (state) record $115,000. How do you know this is a sad waste of money? Rick Perry is a proud A&M graduate. Enough said. » 9/12/13 2:12pm 9/12/13 2:12pm

This Is Why You Suck, Lakers Fans

We saw this license plate on Reddit, and we tried to find an alternate explanation. Maybe they thought LeBron would sign with the Lakers. Maybe it's a used car and they got a license plate frame but haven't changed the plate yet. Maybe the guy's name is Louis Bron, and his birthday is February 3rd. But no. Occam's… » 9/21/11 2:05pm 9/21/11 2:05pm

More Fun With License Plates: Sketchy "Do Me" Van Is Often Parked Near…

Hickey alerted you Saturday to the "Do Me" white van, a New Jersey-based vehicle that undoubtedly has stained shag carpeting. » 7/04/11 3:00pm 7/04/11 3:00pm

You Can Now Order Your Personalized Bears License Plate

Illinois has unveiled their new Chicago Bears license plates. To steal an idea from Fark, go personalize your own and leave it in the comments. Here's mine! » 3/29/11 1:25pm 3/29/11 1:25pm

"GAYTR" License Plate Raises Some Questions

An FSU fan seriously committed to the joke? A UF grad who's blissfully unaware? Or just one of the tens of thousands (statistically speaking) of literally gay Florida alumni, and we're just being insensitive jerks? (H/T to commenter chartman1.) » 6/09/10 12:40pm 6/09/10 12:40pm

Michigan Fan Can't Think Of Any Way To Show His Loyalty Other Than His…

A lawyer and Michigan grad is suing the state for revoking his "WLVRNE" license plate (from his 2003 Corvette, by the way), which they say they had already given to someone else. UM's law school must be so proud. [AP] » 4/07/10 1:40am 4/07/10 1:40am

Massachusetts Has Exactly 1500 Celtics Fans

The Celtics license plate finally hit the magic number of orders to be produced. All it took was three years and a title to find the 1500 people necessary. » 11/15/09 12:00pm 11/15/09 12:00pm