Kevin From The League Admits He Made Up Story About Narrowly Escaping 9/11

Steve Rannazzisi, whom you may know from The League, those Buffalo Wild Wing commercials, or—well, just those two things—has an old chestnut he’s always used to explain how he got into comedy: the Long Island-born actor cites 9/11 as the impetus for his move to Los Angeles. Rannazzisi says he was working in the south… »9/16/15 10:11am9/16/15 10:11am


Jay Williams Misremembers Playing Duke-UNC Game Against Vince Carter

Jay Williams attempted to explain the experience of playing in a Duke-UNC rivalry game to ESPN's audience tonight, though in his attempt to name-drop some of the Tar Heels players he faced as a member of the Blue Devils, he mentioned Vince Carter—a player who was already in the NBA by the time Williams enrolled at… »2/18/15 8:09pm2/18/15 8:09pm

44 Lies Roger Goodell Told In His Press Conference Today

  1. "It has been a season of amazing competition, challenges and real progress."
  2. "The NFL is made up of good and caring people."
  3. "We are doing more to protect our players from unnecessary risks."
  4. "Concussions were down 25%."
  5. "The quality of the game continues to improve."
  6. "Last year, technology improved officiating."
  7. "The…
  8. »1/30/15 3:35pm1/30/15 3:35pm

USC DB Josh Shaw Explains Why He Made Up That Drowning-Nephew Story

USC defensive back Josh Shaw was the inspirational story of the moment when the school claimed back in August that he'd sprained both ankles jumping off a balcony to save his drowning 7-year-old nephew. Within a few days it had become clear that everything about the story was fake, except for the sprained ankles. It… »11/13/14 2:02pm11/13/14 2:02pm

Mike Shanahan Lied When He Said That A Doctor Cleared Robert Griffin III To Play After He Sprained His Knee In Week 14

During Washington's 31-28 victory over the the Ravens five weeks ago, Haloti Ngata brought down Robert Griffin III during the fourth quarter, leaving Griffin limping. Griffin sat out one play, then returned for four more, going 2/3 and advancing Washington to the Baltimore 16 before intentionally grounding the ball… »1/06/13 11:10am1/06/13 11:10am

Australian Swimmer Tries To Cover Up Skateboarding Injury With False Hit-And-Run Claim, Fails

"Olympic swimmer Kenrick Monk has tearfully admitted to inventing a story about being the victim of a deliberate hit-and-run car incident. In a blow to his chances of representing his country again, Monk, 23, revealed he had broken two bones in his elbow while skateboarding on Wednesday. At the time he told media he… »10/01/11 5:15pm10/01/11 5:15pm

Looks Like The DePaul Assistant Coach's Home May Not Have Been Robbed After All

In the interest of fairness to unknown but besmirched burglars everywhere, here's a follow-up to the "Today In Horrible Quotes" post from yesterday morning. It was about a bummer of a break-in, but Act II features a police source telling the press that things may not have gone down as reported. Start scene: »8/26/11 12:15am8/26/11 12:15am

Ray Allen Calls Post-Game Interviews "Therapeutic," Secures His Place As Media's Darling

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Ray Allen reveals that he is abnormal and looks forward to post-game interviews. »4/07/11 4:30pm4/07/11 4:30pm

Two Sports Medicine Experts Agree: Monta Is Totally Lying

"I'm going to improve every part of my game. That's what I do. That's why I play improve and to become the best player [who] ever touched a basketball." Monta Ellis said that just over a month ago »9/03/08 4:30pm9/03/08 4:30pm, right after he received a six-year, $66 million contract extension from the Golden State Warriors. Now…