WGN Has Woman Make Sparks With Her Crotch In Front Of Awestruck Kids

South African Reporter Mugged On Camera

Vuyo Mvoko of SABC News was preparing for an on-the-scene report in Johannesburg when three goons walked up to him and his film crew and took all their stuff. » 3/11/15 11:26am 3/11/15 11:26am

Whiny Harvard Student Gets Skewered In Devastating Email

In the old days, disputes between Harvard students were settled one of three ways: pistols at dawn, a scullerman's joust, or trial by mayonnaise. Things have changed, though, and now the distinguished men of Harvard engage in combat like most millennials do: by sending unbearably long emails to each other that… » 3/02/15 5:03pm 3/02/15 5:03pm

This DJ Who Interviewed Bobby Brown's Nephew Is The Actual Antichrist

Before we get into this, I just want to state for the record and for my mother that I am of the opinion that this video is actually too raw for Deadspin. We've published real, actual porn on Deadspin. We've published scores of dicks, and some vaginas besides, and a respectable amount of butt action on Deadspin. We… » 2/24/15 1:09pm 2/24/15 1:09pm

Dude Nearly Chokes On Fake Tooth While Filming Himself Play Video Games

I don't totally understand why gamers seem to be so into filming themselves while they play video games these days, but after coming across this wonderful moment in human history, I am very glad that they do so. » 2/17/15 6:02pm 2/17/15 6:02pm

Cow Headbutted, Probably To Death

Fair warning: if you click play on the video above, you are going to see a ram headbutt a cow, and I'm pretty sure the cow dies. The cow might just be knocked out, but it could also be dead! What's important is that you now have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about whether you'd like to… » 2/13/15 9:44am 2/13/15 9:44am

High-Speed Chase Ends With Civilians Dishing Out Street Justice

Police got into a high-speed pursuit with a robbery suspect in Dallas today, and the chase ended when the suspect slammed into a line of cars at a stop light. That's when he was apprehended not by police officers, but by a road-raging couple who were not about to let some asshole just get away with wrecking their car. » 2/11/15 6:13pm 2/11/15 6:13pm

The Real Purpose Of Vine: Owning Your Sister At Mini-Stick Hockey

Four days ago, a young man whose name we do not know created a Vine account and named it "Ministicks." His first post flatly stated the purpose of the account: "First post. I will post some ministick highlights." » 2/05/15 3:41pm 2/05/15 3:41pm

Naked-Ass Cowboy Goes For A Stroll On Snowy Highway

I'm going to be honest, you aren't going to get a very long look at at the naked-ass cowboy in the video above, but I think your experience will be better for it. It's like a Bigfoot sighting: One second you're looking at nothing but a snowy Detroit highway, and in the next you're getting a brief glimpse at a… » 2/02/15 2:02pm 2/02/15 2:02pm

What Is This Batshit Anti-Nike, Anti-Kevin Durant Website?

This is just one of the many completely insane image macros that can currently be found at townofloveokc.publishpath.com. From what I can gather, this site is run by a crazy person who believes two things very strongly: Nike is an evil, Godless corporation, and Kevin Durant is the devil. » 1/29/15 4:04pm 1/29/15 4:04pm

Hey, Can Someone Help This Guy With The Iron Rod Stuck In His Head?

According to the Associated Press, this scene took place in a gas station in a small town in New Zealand. No need to panic or anything, but it would be really chill if someone could just, you know, help this guy out with the whole rod-in-the-head situation. » 1/19/15 10:45am 1/19/15 10:45am

Bathroom Sex Had At Bull-Riding Event

A tipster who attended a Professional Bull Riders event at Madison Square Garden this weekend sends along the above photo. Allow him to describe the scene: » 1/19/15 9:58am 1/19/15 9:58am

Man In "No, Seriously, I Have Drugs" Shirt Charged With Drug Possession

Florida man John Balmer was arrested at a Kmart and charged with possession of meth; it appears Pasco County police might have been tipped off by the 50-year-old's shirt. » 1/06/15 3:53pm 1/06/15 3:53pm

Sad Alabama Fan Shits Into Sidewalk Plant (NSFW) 

The Sugar Bowl is underway, and plenty of Bama fans have made the drive down to New Orleans, like this lady, who is shitting (we think—that two-point stance is a poopin' stance; at the very least she's pissing in there) into a sidewalk planter. Photo after the jump. » 1/01/15 10:17pm 1/01/15 10:17pm

Phuc Kieu Freed

Back in November, Gainesville, Fla., police alleged that a man named Phuc Kieu had tried to rape and rob a man. What we didn't know until now is that a few days later, cops discovered that the accuser made up the whole story. » 12/30/14 6:34pm 12/30/14 6:34pm

Drunk-As-Hell Falcons Fan Twerks To U2, Talks Some Wonderful Shit

If there's one lesson we've learned this NFL season (we learn it every season, really), it's that football stadiums are the place to be if you really want to peer into the dark, drunken heart of humanity. So I am thankful for this Falcons fan, who instead of sending us off with yet another video of fans beating each… » 12/29/14 11:52am 12/29/14 11:52am

SportsCenter References Guy Who Drove To Temecula To Fight A Kobe Hater

@SnottieDrippen and @MyTweetsRealAF, the two guys who almost came to blows over a Twitter argument about Kobe Bryant, have really made it. » 12/26/14 12:09pm 12/26/14 12:09pm

Twitter User Makes 35-Minute Drive To Fight Kobe Hater

If you thought Christmas was about peace on earth and goodwill towards men, you thought wrong. Today, we learned that Christmas is actually about making a 35-minute drive to Temecula, Calif., because some chump who was hating on Kobe Bryant on Twitter needs to catch the hands. » 12/25/14 11:26pm 12/25/14 11:26pm