Soccer Player Struck By Lightning, Thought Dead, Says He Survived

Joao Contreras Fuentes is either one lucky son of a bitch or tops on God's shit list, take your pick. He was playing soccer for the club Sport Aguila in the Copa Peru when a bolt of lighting leaped from Zeus' fingertip and basically erased Fuentes in the fashion of blowing out a candle. The bolt ignited and vanished… » 12/11/14 10:25pm 12/11/14 10:25pm

Middle School Football Players Injured In Lightning Strike At Practice

Five students and one coach were injured in a lightning strike at Picacho Middle School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. One of the students, aged between 11 and 14 years old, was critically injured and rushed to the hospital. » 8/19/14 11:11pm 8/19/14 11:11pm

Fan Captures Lightning Strike Outside Giants Game

Grover Anderson was forced to endure last night's Giants game, a 7-0 whipping at the hands of the Red Sox. He calls this shot, from the fifth inning, "the only highlight." » 8/20/13 9:13am 8/20/13 9:13am

A man whose doctor calls him his "jackass patient" continues a string of unlikely survival after lightning strikes him at a baseball game. Only the video does this character justice. [] » 7/13/13 3:20pm 7/13/13 3:20pm

Fans, Players, And Broadcasters Alike Freaked Out When Lightning Struck…

Mother Nature dropped by Rangers Ballpark unannounced last evening, unleashing a thunderclap at the Rangers-Twins game that evacuated the bowels of all in attendance. Twins outfielder Denard Span claimed "That's the loudest noise I've ever heard. I thought Jesus was comin!" on his Twitter account, while fellow… » 7/09/12 9:34am 7/09/12 9:34am

Today's Ukraine-France Match Is Delayed Because God Is Angry

Hellfire is raining in Donetsk, where the Euro 2012 Ukraine-France match is delayed due to heavy rain and lightning, some of which appears here to have attempted to find its way inside the stadium. (That ain't sunlight.) Clearly Thor is angry Norway failed to qualify. » 6/15/12 12:14pm 6/15/12 12:14pm

Five North Koreans Tested Positive For Steroids Because They Were…

We suspected all along that the DPRK's women's World Cup team would provide us with moments of unintentional comedy, but they've outdone themselves. » 7/16/11 3:00pm 7/16/11 3:00pm

North Korea Lost To The US Because They Were Struck By Lightning, Says…

In a truly bizarre press conference, North Korea's coach Kim Kwang Min had an excuse for his team's performance that...I don't think I've ever heard before. » 6/28/11 3:31pm 6/28/11 3:31pm

Former Major Leaguer Killed By Lightning, As We Are Left To Ponder, WTF?

As we open the file of stuff you never in a million years thought would happen: Former major leaguer Geremi Gonzalez was killed by lightning on Sunday while riding a personal watercraft on a lake in his native Venezuela. You may recall that Gonzalez won 11 games for the Cubs as a rookie in 1997, but are you aware that… » 5/27/08 3:00pm 5/27/08 3:00pm