This Ridiculous Solo Wondergoal Is The Apex Of Hatem Ben Arfa's Career

You almost feel like Hatem Ben Arfa’s entire time on a soccer pitch was destined to culminate in this moment. For years Ben Arfa’s career has flickered with brief moments of genius, intermittently successful attempts at squeezing through the tightest of openings and twirling past the thickest swarms of defenses,… »9/28/15 4:15pm9/28/15 4:15pm


Marseille Fans Kind Of Upset With Former Player, Hang Him In Effigy

Mathieu Valbuena starred for French club Marseille for eight long, prosperous seasons before moving on to richer pastures last summer. He was their best player and the crowd favorite for many a year, and when he left for Dynamo Moscow the club retired his number. After one season in Russia, he’s back in France, now… »9/21/15 5:44pm9/21/15 5:44pm

Marseille Goalie Catches Water Bottle Chucked At Him From The Stands

Marseille beat Toulouse 6-1 last night, and a Toulouse fan—perhaps upset that Toulouse is on track to be relegated—tried to take his frustrations out by chucking a water bottle at Steve Mandanda. But the fan couldn't have picked a worse target, as Mandanda is Marseille's goalkeeper, where his entire job is to catch or… »3/07/15 12:54pm3/07/15 12:54pm

Zlatan Does Not Like Question, So Zlatan Melts Journalist With His Eyes

As we've seen, for even the smallest of perceived slights, Zlatan Ibrahimović has the power to liquefy his enemies with a mere look or gesture. This journalist is his latest victim, and he managed only one even-spoken question before Zlatan's response turned him into a stammering schoolboy. »2/02/15 5:58pm2/02/15 5:58pm