Brave Woman Gives Eyewitness Testimony Of The Salisbury Cell Phone…

The Sean Salisbury cell phone saga has always seemed to me to be a lot like the legend of Bigfoot; shrouded in mystery, leaving large tracks but not much in the way of tangible proof. » 4/02/09 11:05am 4/02/09 11:05am

Just A Reminder On Our Pal Lil' Sean

After his oddly truncated chat yesterday — perhaps there were too many penis-related questions? — we don't really have too much more to add to the Sean Salisbury story except to remind you once again: » 1/10/07 12:45pm 1/10/07 12:45pm

Something To Think About While Watching Sean Salisbury

In case you missed it over the weekend, The Big Lead found confirmation that the ESPN football analyst who was suspended for taking a picture of his penis with his cellphone and sending it to several female co-workers was none other than ... Sean Salisbury! Heck, that's the type of thing that makes us want to join the… » 1/08/07 12:45pm 1/08/07 12:45pm