Rich People Are Using Cryotherapy To Freeze Themselves Skinny

If I told you you could stand in a tube of cold air for a few minutes to lose weight and be in the best shape of your life would you do it? Are you a rich dummy? Did you answer “yes” to both of the previous questions? Then allow me to introduce you to cryotherapy, a new sci-fi method of freezing off calories and… »7/29/15 2:41pm7/29/15 2:41pm


Lindsay Lohan Is the Only Part of The Canyons That Isn't Horrible

The Canyons opens (and ends, over the closing credits) with photographs of abandoned, dilapidated movie theaters, which would be the world's most obvious metaphor if the film were actually competent enough to be about what it wants to be about. Director Paul Schrader (who should know better) and writer Bret Easton… »8/05/13 11:00am8/05/13 11:00am

Michael Phelps Getting Him Some Lindsay Lohan (OMG, LOL)

When it comes to Michael Phelps, Lindsay Lohan is apparently willing to postpone this whole lesbian thing »8/19/08 8:30am8/19/08 8:30am. While interviewing Michael's mom Debbie on Monday, Hobbit-like Access Hollywood correspondent Billy Bush received a text message from Lohan, which he proceeded to show Debbie while on the air. Mom's reaction was…