What Did Craig Kimbrel Say To His Bullpen Coach? We Asked A Lipreader [Update]

Much criticism has landed on Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez since the Braves' miserable exit last night from the National League playoffs. Atlanta closer Craig Kimbrel, the game's best reliever, was warm and ready in the bullpen, but Gonzalez says he never gave thought to bringing his closer in early. »10/08/13 1:53pm10/08/13 1:53pm

Did Tom Crean Tell His Indiana Players To Flop Late In Last Night's Loss To Minnesota? Here's What He Said, According To A Lip Reader

Down five with less than 30 seconds remaining last night in Minneapolis, the top-ranked Indiana Hoosiers found themselves in a bind: They needed points, but first they needed the ball. One way to achieve both without losing precious seconds was by somehow drawing an offensive flagrant foul on Minnesota's in-bounds… »2/27/13 1:15pm2/27/13 1:15pm

What Was John Harbaugh Ranting About During The Blackout? We Asked A Lip Reader

One of the highlights of last night's Super Bowl broadcast was watching John Harbaugh berate a poor old man during the 34-minute power outage. We don't know who the old guy was (Update: He is the NFL's vice president of game operations, Mike Kensil), but we assume he was some kind of stadium official. Like the rest… »2/04/13 2:50pm2/04/13 2:50pm