​The Fittish Guide To Drinking

You drink a variety of things on any given day. Water, sure. Coffee, oh yes. And in the evening, you'll probably have a few beers or shots or what-have-you. Behold, Fittish's guide to everything you're drinking, and how to do it better. » 8/13/14 6:00am 8/13/14 6:00am

11 Shots Of Liquor, Reconsidered

Good afternoon! Let me tell you how to run your wedding. Just kidding, no one cares about your wedding. Now, back to my wedding: We sprung for the all-you-can-guzzle beer and wine buffet, but we didn't serve hard liquor. This is partly because we're cheapskates and partly because we're sane—the reception was at a… » 1/24/14 2:00pm 1/24/14 2:00pm

I Got Drunk on All Kinds of Celebrity Liquor So You Don't Have To

I don't really like alcohol that much. I mean, I definitely drink it—I like a wine or a cocktail (and a cocktail and a cocktail) on a Friday afternoon—but I'm not one of those people who, say, sips a fine oaky bourbon and is all, "Oh, impudent...aspirational...cryptic...NEEDS MORE LOAM." I don't give a shit. Just… » 6/17/13 3:40pm 6/17/13 3:40pm

Why, Yes, An Angry Hockey Fan In Boston Did Throw An Empty Liquor…

Your morning roundup for Oct. 19, the day we just laughed at Ohio, again and again. Photo via @emptynetters. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 10/19/11 10:05am 10/19/11 10:05am